Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 11

Pick Me Up

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 20, 2006 on Showtime
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When a recently divorced female traveller is stranded, she is caught in the middle between a bizarre and violent turf war that is taking place between two serial killers.

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  • The tale of a deadly threesome...

    Pick Me Up was brilliant in the concept of two notorious killers: a hitchhiker who kills those that pick him up and a trucker who kills those whom he picks up. I have always been a fan of David J. Schow stories and I was not disappointed by his entry in the Masters of Horror series. Fairuza Balk, who I liked in American History X and The Island of Doctor Moreau, played a kickass take-no-crap survivor who unfortunately becomes the target of the two killers Walker (Warren Kole) and Jim Wheeler (Law and Order's Michael Moriarty) who have cleaned a broken down bus clean of its occupants. Still, I was a little disappointed (but not surprised by, knowing Schow's works) of the ending. Still, it was a good thriller over all.moreless
  • Masters of Bored in this episode...

    Yes this episode masters boredom. I really like Fairuza Balk, and the premise was SO promising- killer hitchiker AND killer trucker meeting? That rocked. And thats where the thrills end. It was really boring, and Fairuza was only in it in tiny increments to give a "what the hell?" face. It was really extremely boring, very disappointing.
  • Sorta like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but a little more realistic. And a burst of irony at the end.

    I really liked Pick me up, not as much as cigarette Burns but it was well written and well performed. It was too minimal on the gore and to be honest I can't really think of anything I didn't like about pick me up. The way you were lulled into a false sense of security about the driver was similar to Jenifer but this made you have real doubts as to whether he was gonna go psycho. This episode was kind of a nice break from more supernatural episodes in Masters of Horror such as Homecoming or Cigarette Burns, just gotta hope we won't have too much of that in episodes to come.moreless
  • A unique episode where a young woman finds herself in double the trouble she would normally find in a typical horror movie - course double the trouble isnt always bad is it?moreless

    Pick me up is a great addition to the Masters of Horror series - it isnt overtly gorey or horrific like some of the other episodes but it takes a horror cliche of the psycho hitchhiker and of course the psycho truck driver and turns it on its head. Basically a dark comedy, it was directed by the man behind the Psycho Cop series and recently 'Phone Booth' and is a slick enjoyable ride that is definitely up to the quality required by a series like this. Fantastic stuff!moreless
  • A very special episode in that it was actually watchable compared to most of this series. (spoilers)

    The show had some funny parts, and the story idea was very good for this series, not total CRAP like most of the rest of the episodes. Actually this would be the second episode I actually enjoyed enough to watch without pain. This episode, in some ways, reminded me of the good Tales From The Crypt” episodes, because of it’s alternate view, and watching the ‘victims’ try to live of course, is hampered because of the pretty much everybody’s a bad guy theme. I suppose its major flaw to me is the lack funds for production value, but that’s easily looked over I think when you enjoy something for its story and characters.moreless

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    • Danny: Hey. You're not going to walk, are you? Nobody walks.
      Stacia: Nobody reads, either.

    • Wheeler: When I'm lonesome, I pick someone up, give 'em a ride, make conversation. Sometimes I even let hem go.
      Birdy: Ah, that's reassuring.
      Wheeler: So you're not scared of me, right? I'm a normal person? Right?
      Birdy: Mister, I ain't met anybody who was normal. Not after I got to know them, anyway.

    • Wheeler: See this? It's a hollow-point. Makes a teeny little hole going in, but coming out... oh, it's a big slice of cherry pie.

    • Walker: How many times we seen this? I know you saw Texas Chainsaw. Both fucking versions! Come on, let me take you somewhere else and kill you, cut the fucking shit!

    • Walker: You're a fun date. You know, you look a lot better without all them trashy clothes on. Without all that trashy skin, too.

    • Stacia: Stay back from me, I've got a knife. Stay back!a
      Wheeler: And I've got a gun. So what? Guess I win.

    • Stacia: Why are you doing this?
      Wheeler: Lady, when you're fishing, the bait doesn't answer stupid questions.

    • Walker: Now, your genuinely dangerous individuals, they almost never look... crazy. They don't have any weird tattoos, they don't have any weird stitches on their face, no funny-shaped heads. They are... not predictable.
      Wheeler: Are you within ten seconds of making a point there?
      Stacia: Yeah, you drive, he rides, the only question is which one of you assholes is a bigger fucking psycho!
      Walker: I told you, be polite, didn't I?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Walker: I know you saw Texas Chainsaw.
      Referencing the 1974 movie directed by Tobe Hooper, and based loosely on the exploits of serial killer Ed Gein. The movie features the character "Leatherface," a hulkish killer wearing a leather mask and wielding the title chainsaw, and gave rise to subsequent sequels, remakes, and prequels. It has spawned numerous sequels and reboots.

    • Wheeler: Bye bye, Birdy
      Referencing the 1960 musical Bye Bye Birdie. In it, a rock star, Conrad Birdie, is leaving to serve in the Army overseas. His agent sets up a "goodbye kiss" with a teenage fan chosen at random, a kiss that will be televised nationwide. The musical was made into a movie in 1963.

    • Stacia: Can't believe I was going to shower in there. Ugh. Ree ree ree.
      Referencing Marion Crane's shower murder in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960). In it, Marion takes a shower and the killer enters and stabs her victim repeatedly with an overhand strike while shrill music plays repeatedly in the background.

    • It's Alive When Wheeler and Stacia find the billboard advertising the Horrible Thing, Wheeler says he's seen it and it's a two-headed baby skeleton and talks about how much baby monsters give him the creeps. This is a nod to director Larry Cohen's classic It's Alive trilogy about killer monster babies.