Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 24, 2006 on Showtime

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  • What happened to John Carpenter? If membership in the MOH club were a boat, he would have to be raised from the ocean floor . . .

    Where do I begin?

    This one episode perfectly illustrates the wildly inconsistent nature of the entire MOH series, from well done to outright schlock. The build-up was suspenseful, when Ron Perlman's character rolls up to the gate for a tense verbal standoff with the ill-fated guard. He was all about getting his daughter out of that clinic, no matter what. You got the feeling there might be gunplay any moment! But when he finally gets inside after killing the guard, he resorts to torturing one of the doctors first! Huh? I thought it was a case where he might have been in the thrall of the demon, at least partially – but nothing in the episode intimated that at all. He thought he was doing the Lord's work – but even when confronted with the demon, he didn't seem overly surprised that he had been bamboozled. What?! Also incomprehensible was his reaction when his son was shot in the neck. He didn't try to save him by applying direct pressure, even if it were futile. When the son died of his wounds, his lack of a reaction was bewildering as well . . . . Was Carpenter asleep in the director's chair?

    Similarly, Angelique's reaction to her week long full term pregnancy made no sense whatsoever! Why wasn't she in screaming hysterics when it was born? Also, after the birth she still looked pregnant. I half expected a twin or some other horror to follow . . . but it was apparently another makeup/continuity error . . .. The shooting of the other father by the son that waited outside made no sense either. At first he was terrified, then he shot him in the gut, followed soon by a purposeful head shot. Again, Huh?

    The effects ran the gamut from incomprehensible to quite good. The demon was excellently rendered – in each of its scenes it looked totally believable. Its offspring, however . . . left much to be desired, looking like a doll with crab legs and moving like it had wheels (which it most likely did). Another head scratcher was the shooting of the security guard. Never mind that the gunshot took off half the top of his head – but later when the camera shows the body, we see his head intact with a nasty forehead wound . . . did the continuity people take that day off?

    The real horror in this piece was the direction! Perhaps Carpenter's goal was to do a tribute to schlock horror – and if so, he succeeded . . !
  • A pregnant 15-year-old, desperate to get rid of her "demon" baby seeks help in a clinic awhile her Pro'Life father terrorizes it from the outside.

    When I first heard about this episode I was desperate to watch it. The plot sounded pretty good to me. I couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD since I don't have Showtime. The second I saw it at Best Buy I grabbed the first one from the shelf and was absloutely determined to get it.

    Then, I watched it. Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't HORRIBLE, but it wasn't worth spending 12 dollars on either. It was relatively long and boring even though it tried very hard to have action squences and to have you waiting on the edge of your seat to find out more about the baby. And I was waiting on the edge of my seat, but once it said how she got pregnant and she gave birth to the baby all I thought was "man, that was dumb I'd rather not have known".

    The ending was horrible, too. Most "Masters of Horror" episodes have at least a good ending but this one just didn't deliever. The ending was so boring and cliche that it made me sick.

    Perhaps the only reason I disliked this episode so much is the fact that I just don't like "horrors" about aliens. But if you do, you'd probably enjoy this. And even if you don't it's not THAT. It at least deserves a shot.
  • A young girl, the daughter of a Pro-life advocate, seeks refuge in an abortion clinic, claiming that the baby she carries is demonic.

    Wow- if nothing else, Carpenter seems to have returned to his great \\\"Thing\\\" days, complete with a little spider thing. I was surprised at how actually gory this one was. I thought it was an interesting twist that a religious zealot (Perlman) could torture another human being and feel completley fine about it. Anyway it was a little strange, its like a odd horror limerick made into an episode.