Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 9

Right to Die

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 05, 2007 on Showtime

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  • The wife of some doctor is burned alive after a car accident. She had no skin and is only "alive" in the medical sense. But she returned with superpowers to make mad his husband and kill everyone related with him.

    This is the second episode i saw of the series Masters of Horror. I had the dvd of the second season from a friend, so i star to watch some episodes, and this is one of them. I could not believe that the first episode "The Washingtonians" or something like that, were so BAD. So i saw another episode but was even WORSE.

    This series is a piece of crap, i thought it's going to be like Tales from the Crypt, but is **** Tales From the Crypt show famous actors in good stories. But this crap show bad unknown actors in stupid and really boring stories.

    This episode sucks. and i'm pretty sure that the whole series sucks. What a waste of time, really.
  • After an accident a wife comes back to haunt the husband but has the need for some skin. She will only come back to haunt each time her heart stops whilst on life support in a hospital. Seems very slow.

    After an accident a wife comes back to haunt the husband but has the need for some skin. She will only come back to haunt each time her heart stops whilst on life support in a hospital. There are some good things here but none of it seems to have been put together well enough to really make you jump or make you cringe or frighten you which is what you would expect. Even when his dental assistant is used for him to start cutting her skin off you don't see enough. This would have been OK if there was enough left to your imagination but there wasn't.
  • After a teerrible car accident, a man\\\'s wife is essentially burned alive- no skin, hair, eyes, etc. Wrapped up like a mummy, she exacts revenge on those she feel has wronged her with her mind.

    Again, I dont know how I feel about this episode. It had such a great premise and just like \\\"That Damned Thing\\\" crapped out an ending. One of my biggest fears is being burned to death, so that scared the crap out of me in the beginning. The car trip was an interesting setup, to reveal the true nature of Martin Donovan. I did resent the comparison to the Terry Schiavo case though. I felt the memories were injected in a timely manner. The reveal at the end was explosive (no pun intended) and although \\\"gory\\\"- women skinned alive- the sudden scares and angles really caused some jumps.

    I would like someone to explain the ending to me...was Abby really in the house? What? Had he gone psychotic and didnt think the staff would ask about a cooler full of skin? Very chilling episode.
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

    Right to Die started out all right by my standards and overall, it was pretty good compared to what I have heard of other episodes in the second season. The setup of the story was this guy whose wife was burned in a car accident fire, which we find out the whole truth about it later. She survives as a charred vegetable and flat lines at random moments. During these moments, her soul seeks vengeance on those that seek to profit from and take advantage of her suffering condition. This was a good episode even though it did drag at a few parts, particularly the few minutes after the first appearance of the wife’s burned figure. The moneymaking scenes, in my opinion, were the hot tub love sequence and the scene where he skins the other girl. That plus the moment where the vengeful wife sets the crafty lawyer ablaze. Overall, this is one of the better episodes that I have seen of Season Two so far.
  • Not too bad an effort, but the execution is lacking . . .

    I'd heard about his one and was set to enjoy a good revenge tale. Seems I was bound for a little disappointment . . . A huge tree limb across the road results in the accident that sets the events of the story in motion. Do we have to resort to clichés every single time to further the plot of a horror story? Where is the originality in writing these days?

    The scene where Ira the lawyer meets his fate started out well, exposed to the powerful magnet of an MRI. But having the charred spirit form of Abbey appear to him and have him catch fire with a wave of her withered hand didn't make sense. Why not have it so that the magnet does him in somehow? For a story set partially in a hospital, this one needed a script doctor . . . !

    Also incomprehensible was the reaction of Trish, when she found out what happened to Abbey. The completely two dimensional nymphomaniac deal is getting old. I mean, can we make her at least a little sympathetic so her demise is just a bit more poignant? The best scene by far is the hot tub dream sequence. Julia Anderson is a stunning beauty, who should definitely get more work doing this sort of thing . . . ! While perhaps gratuitous to some, the scene nonetheless served to contrast the horror of having beauty literally burned away, shown in painful gruesomeness toward the end of the scene.

    If nothing else, it is a reminder of the ubiquity of happenstance – that life is what happens when we make alternate plans . . . The second best scene also shows a painful contrast. While we are treated to the beguiling Robin Sydney exposed in all her naked glory, the prep marks make it apparent what is about to happen . . . and we cringe when it does . . . Lastly, the ending devolved into nothing – as if the writers simply gave up! Overall, some tweaking would have made this episode great.

    Perhaps the episode should have been called Right To Cliché . . .
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