Masters of Horror

Season 1 Episode 10

Sick Girl

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 13, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Misty Mundae! What more do you want?

    Misty Mundae, they're the only two words you need to know about this episode. I mean wow, what a presence she has. This was my very first time with Misty, I previously had never heard of her before but just watching this episode had me scrambling to Google to find out what else I could see her in. Misty aside for 1 second, the episode was great.
    Back to Misty - I only wish she was in more serious roles, I thought her talent & everything about her just stood out (How could anyone not like this episode?).
    I was actually surprised to find out she has a big background in soft porn B grade movies but not at all surprised by her cult following.

    The biggest problem with reviewers is that they over-analyze everything & start dissecting plots & characters with a microscope, when they should just try to enjoy the show first.
    In this instance, Sick Girl was a great episode enhanced by the unique screen presence that Misty is.
  • The worst episode so far.

    This episode is so bad, it makes me want to throw up. Misty looks hot, but the episode is so lame. After Misty gets bitten by the spider, this show just goes down the drain. It gets sillier towards the end. Maybe they ran out of ideas so they made one up to fill out an episode. Even if they added some good special effects in this episode, it's still not going to do the trick, because it lacks the very thing that it needs to bite, the story. This episode can be missed, there's nothing in it except the lesbian thing, even the lesbians aren't enough to save this episode.
  • this was horror? are you serious? There was nothing about this episode that was horror, and even less to do with someone that may be concidered some kind of master. It sukd.

    Wow, that was horrible, worst episode ever, and that’s saying a lot, the series sucks. Masters of horror? If anything it was a horrible lesbian independent, um, horrible piece of sh*t. It had NOTHING to do with horror, and less to do with some kind of master. It is the worst thing I have seen, in a VERY long time. This is one I know for a fact that if you asked me if I could do better, yes I know I could, with my digital cam and my computer and friends, just about any one could make something better than this crap. It is horror only in the since that I watched it. Can I sue for this being made while other good programs are shelved? Can I?
  • A misunderstood instalment.

    There's apparently an insider review below here from a writer of the episode complaining about a number of things which, for the most part, seem to mirror the complaints the rest of the reviewers have.

    Now, I didn't think this episode was the best piece of TV narrative ever (though that honor belongs to Showtime, too, check my other reviews), but I disagree with most of the other reviewers.

    First, the lesbian theme. breast flasing aside, it's one of the few memorable quirks the episode has. Let's be honest here, "chick turns into monster" isn't an original plot device. "Person turns into insect" is even older and cheaper. The fact that both characters are women adds a number of subtexts that are pretty much the one merit in the story being told.

    I mean, the idea of the old teacher sabotaging his daughter's relationship via a mutation-inducing bug is somewhat ridiculous, no matter what you do with it, but having both parent figures in the story show homophobic tendencies hints at some social commentary. It also makes the role of the bug actually meaningful, instead of being a simple mechanic element, which fits the political undertones in other episodes.

    As for the comedy elements... well, as I said, the core concept is ridiculous, anyway. Going for a B-movie look and feel, hoping the cheese will carry the show is a a valid approach, if you can pull it off. It's not pulled off consistently here, but some of the scenes do work. NOT the stupidly artsy dream sequence, nor the childish "kill the old coot" scene, but the romantic and gory moments did click every now and then.

    So why the relatively low score? Well, the artsy dream sequence IS there, breaking the tone and abusing the story's phallic themes by hitting viewers over the head with them. Same mistake that makes Michael Gondry the most unbearably snobbish director in current cinema. Avoiding this kind of stuff is important unless you're a 15 year old girl trying to appear meaningful or you haven't shared space with a heterosexual male in the last decade or so.

    Then there's the fact that this is still a story about a girl who turns into a giant bug. While having the main characters be lesbians is a nice twist, it doesn't change the dumb cliche at the bottom of the plot. The main twist is not that they're gay but that the father was attempting to make them break up, and that's not properly set up, so it doesn't pay off.

    Hopefully, that's what the writer below was complaining about, really, more than the gender swapping thing, which is minor.

    Then the visual style, which works kinda well in some spaces but suffers that kind of TV movie look that breaks every Twilight Zone remake ever done. The color, the grain, the texture... they all have a little something that screams "made for TV" and "self-conclusive story". It's weird that such a thing exists, but it does, and it detracts from the experience.

    Overall, I'm glad this ep was made and released, even if I won't come back to watch it again, or give it much thought after I'm done typing this. If anything, I'll remember the disappointment I felt due to the minor quirks' inability to raise this from mediocre to memorable.
  • Sapphic love, who could ask for more?

    Sick Girl was the very first Masters of Horror episode that I saw after buying it on DVD. I was beyond interested in the concept of two loving women and the nasty bug that merges within their relationship. Of course, my first impression was that this would be your standard "love" film (think Misty Mundae), but I was surpassed by her acting. I think she was the better actress between her and Angela Bettis, especially in the emotional parts such as when Misty just absolutely loses it. However, I will have to say that I did kind of see that ending coming with the bug which I would have crushed into buggy hell if that were me. The sapphic (lesbian) love element was a perfect fit with the rest of the story and I would have to say that this was the second best episode I have seen ever.
  • An incredible entry in the Masters of Horror series. You gotta love Misty Mundae.

    This might be the best entry in the series. From the music, to the goofiness, to the acting, it was all around great. I have seen Misty Mundae waste her talent in soft-core porn for so long, it is wonderful to see her getting a real part. Lucky McKee did a fine job directing and his choice of changing the romantic relationship to lesbians was a very smart choice. Angela Bettis isn't really up my alley, but she does a good job as well. This is horror at its most original and entertaining. If you have seen the rest of the Masters of Horror series or not, you owe it to yourself to give "Sick Girl" a try.
  • Thank you Lucky for switching to a Lesbian plot !

    Thank you Lucky for switching to a Lesbian plot ! It added an orginal twist and another dimension to the whole thing and lead to some hilarious dialogue & situations. It would be a cliche to have the same old nerdy guy trying to find love.

    The casting was great and the chemistry between the 2 leads was perfect. I loved the different tones of voice Angela Bettis used....from her deeper, more serious one to the goofy, baby voice she used to speak to her bugs. She played a killer straight sqaure that was sexy at the same time.

    Though the metamophosis was expected, the hilarious ending
    finished the story on a perfect note.

    All in all, it is an extremely entertaining addition, that switches geers from the straight horror of the others in the series.
  • I wrote the first draft of this episode, and I was a little disappointed with how it turned out.

    I actually wrote the first draft of the script for this episode. The script was then rewritten by the director, Lucky Mckee. While I am a fan of Lucky’s feature work (May) and while found him to be both energetic and personable, I didn’t agree with the choices he made on "Sick Girl."

    In rewriting the script, he changed the main character from a man to a woman (adding all the lesbian content) and changed the tone from horror to “screwball comedy.” Most of my intentions – including basic story, theme, character and tone - were lost in his interpretation. Fans of the show can read my original script on the DVD when it comes out later in the year.

    Overall, there were still some moments I enjoyed, and I look forward to seeing Lucky’s future work.
  • Misty Mundae is hot as hell, but terrible!!

    Horror, my butt! Where is the horror? This movie is more comedy than horror. Horrible special effects and horrible acting. This has to be the worst episode of the series. Damn, I thought Dance Of The Dead was bad.

    The only good thing about the episode is the stunning Misty Mundae. She is a babe!
  • Full spectrum transformation

    This episode preys on very familiar fantasies and themes to weave a lighter more wistful story. Fitting in and feeling different, bug phobia, alien impregnation, and metamorphosis are just some of the themes visited. The healthy sense of humor adds to the early development and sets the puppy love warmth without letting it get overtly sugar laiden. This sets the stage for the transformation which must follow any honeymoon period. Metamorphosis appears not just in the caterpillar to butterfly in a nightmare sense because that is manifested here in the physical form. It was also paralleled through Misty as we watched her begin as a shy introvert, blossom into a sensual loving caregiver, change to insensitive impolite roommate, then vindictive callous calculating bitch, and further to deranged psychotic full-blown PMS glory. It's hard to believe it's one actress. The transformation is striking for the gamut of emotions she covers. I guess I didn't think it was possible for that much to be showcased by one actor in a short program. I was convinced that she was the delicate lovely sketch pad artist from the beginning of the show.
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