Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 4

Sounds Like

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 17, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Sounds like...a success...

    Sounds Like was one of the better episodes of the series that I have seen so far. The main idea of a man Larry Pearce who was affected by the death of his son and the gifted curse of his endownment of incredible hearing. Not to mention the shocking things that he would do in order to pursue the well-desired silence. Chris Bauer was excellent in his role as the always listening Larry Pearce who has a talent for audial perception that some people wish they had. I feel sorry for Larry as he's driven to commit many disturbing things in his sadness-to-madness downhill of events such as smashing every sounding object in the house and the incident involving his REM-sleeping wife and a pillow. Just imagine the torture that one would endure in his position when you hear even the softest footfalls of a housefly on the window. Brad Anderson did well with this episode although it was indeed an emotionally saddening movie.
  • A man is overwhelmed by everyday noises, which he perceives as being deafiningly loud.

    I dont really know how I feel about this one. It really was like "The Telltale Heart". It was an odd episode; not a bad one, really. I actually felt like I was watching the "Beard" sketch from Kids in the Hall. I thought it was funny that he heard everything BUT people & things that were important, like his wife. Of course, Im sort of girlie in the way that I didnt want him to kill the little mouse "pinkies" and was very relieved when he didnt kill the fish. I was confused by a few parts, however like when he went around his house smashing everything, how did his wife NOT hear all that stuff breaking? And also, with him cutting off his ears, wouldnt he still have the capability of hearing? Ears are just a tool for catching sound- I think if you tried to dig out all means of audio perception, you would die.
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