Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 11

The Black Cat

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 19, 2007 on Showtime
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Edgar Allan Poe is a writer out of ideas and short on cash that's followed by a black cat that will destroy his life or help him to write one of his most famous stories.

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  • Edgar Allen Poe's life takes an enmorous dwnfall after his wife's agonizing death and her deranged black cat that drives Poe into complete madness.

    I have one word to sum this storyline up, "eh". I've always been entrigued by Edgar Allen Poe and his grisly works of writing so I decided to pick thi up. What a waste of money!

    The storyline was a bit hard to follow. I mean, what was going on? Did he completely dream up his wife's death of TB or was it a mistake and she was buried alive and dug herself out?

    It was also quite boring. It kept going on and on. I was waiting for something exciting to happen. I was gald to see that unlike the other "Master of Horror" works this one lacked useless gore, but esch maybe it needs some to spice things up a bit.moreless
  • An "episode" or movie of the Masters of Horror series based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Black Cat". It isn't exactly like the short story however. It is Stuart Gordon's retelling of it and it is wonderful.moreless

    Anyone who doubts the power of Masters of Horror needs to see this episode. There are no real flaws. It is absolutely perfect for what it is. Edgar Allen Poe is the main character of this version of the story. His real life situation at the time he wrote it is completely brought to life too. It is hard to say just how it works without spoiling anything, but work it most certainly does. Anyone who is familiar with the films of Stuart Gordon will notice that Jeffrey Combs once again plays the main role and he is great in it. A relatively unknown actress named Elyse Levesque plays Virginia Poe in The Black Cat and she shines just as much as Combs. It's a beautiful short film that most horror fans will find to be one of the best in the genre.moreless
  • I've never really been a fan of Poe's, but this episode might have just changed my mind.

    Directed by Stuart Gordon, who is known for his films based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the jump to Poe isn't really that large seeing as Lovecraft himself was actually inspired by his work. The character of Edgar Allen Poe is played perfectly by Jeffrey Combs, who has worked with Gordon on several of his Lovecraft films, and has even played Lovecraft himself in a film called 'Necronomicon'. Combs and Gordon work well together and it certainly shows in 'The Black Cat'. Some of Gordon's earlier work is quite rough around the edges, but watching this this episode, it appears he is finally getting his feet. This is definitely one of the better MoH episodes I've seen and I highly recommend it to any connoisseurs of the macabre.moreless
  • Poe excellence

    I was perfectly pleased by The Black Cat though I was not expecting any disappointment from Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon (although I wasn't a big fan of his first season entry Dreams in the Witch House). One aspect that I strongly favored in this episode was the portrayal of the cat which played some interesting parts from the scene of gouging and the scene of the discovery. Edgar Allan Poe was one of my influences as a horror reader and yet I had yet until this movie to see a good Poe film. The Black Cat defintiely had great potential and I was very interested in the other factors of film production such as the monotone black and white imagery save for the hue heightening like that of red blood and the cat's green eyes. Kudos to Masters for another great episode.moreless
  • This episode reflects all the spirit which helped to launch this tv project. This episode is unconventional, is memorable, with an impressionant writing and direction by Stuart Gordon and, of course, the remarkable acting of Jeffrey Combs.moreless

    This episode reflects all the spirit which helped to launch this tv project. This episode is unconventional, is memorable, with an impressionant writing and direction by Stuart Gordon and, of course, the remarkable acting of Jeffrey Combs.

    In all aspects, this episode is the best realization to the date on "Masters of horrors". The spirit of this minimovie it's about anguish, human classic fears, psychological rupture of spirit (schizophrenia), about the lost of human soul... aspects which were characterizing Poe's life, on all of his absolute personality, we can see all this elements nicely represented on this magnficiant episode, which marks the best on all this tv series, on an époque - this second season - characterized by mediocre and aberrant episodes like "Dream cruise" or "We all scream for Ice Scream". This episode, and I can tell you, will be revisited, and of course, I will attend to its release on DVD.moreless
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Jeffrey Combs

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