Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 1

The Damned Thing

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 27, 2006 on Showtime
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When a mysterious creature begins to terrorize a small Texas town, Sheriff Kevin Reddle has to try to both protect the town and his family from any danger but first has to come to terms with his own tragic past.

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  • It was the damned thing cursed for failure...

    The Damned Thing was not one of the better episodes of Masters of Horror, I prefered Tobe Hooper's Season 1 entry Dance of the Dead to this. Still, I wouldn't say that it is a total bomb. Sean Patrick Flanery and Ted Raimi were both terrific actors in their portrayals as the supernaturally-targeted sheriff and the priest who falls victim to the curse, and that, among some shots of the movie including the serene "twenty-four years later" town scene and the malicious flashback of his own father's possession. Now, here are things I didn't like about this film. I thought the whole "the monster kills everyone" theme is kind of retarded and cliche-at least show us what happened to the sheriff's son and wife instead of just a few fast-forward motions and sounds before blacking out. Why would someone of wrong heritage become a victim of that thing? To be honest, I thought the whole oil monster routine was a bit...stupid. I would think that the Damned Thing feared by all would look a little more frightening than just Texas tea with bat wing-arms and a leech's mouth. Still, the movie was alright, but again not of the better ones.moreless
  • Tobe Hopper isn't what he used to be anymore.

    As far as i remember, season 1 eps had quality spikes but were mostly good. Season 2 is starting bad. This had the potential to be a good story, but everything here is boring and it has really been hard to watch it until the end, expecting for an improvement or a good, original idea. It never happened. I think the fail of this ep is due to a lack of punch, energy, nothing to keep you awake and it will be a hard time to not fall asleep. The basic story was a good idea, but is way too poor in the devellopement. Actors aren't bad, but not really charismatics as well. I really hope the others eps of the season will be better.moreless
  • The whole town starts behaving hostile and suicidal when they get infected by a virus that spreads due to a curse on a town member.

    On a positive note, I think that the cast acted wonderfully in this episode, especially Sean Patrick Flanery.

    Now coming to the complaints. Even though I understood what was going on in the episode, I really didn’t enjoy the episode as such. It started off well, but it went downhill from there. It wasn’t terrifying or scary; it was just gory and sick to watch. Also, the ending didn’t make any sense at all. If the Sheriff was the only cursed one, why did the thing attack his wife and child too? There are so many unexplained questions in this episode which make you more confused than satisfied. We don’t know anything about this virus, how it affected the family and why or whether it was even stopped or not in the end.

    All in all, this was a pretty disappointing episode in my opinion.moreless
  • A terrible episode. Easily the worst of the series thus far.

    We can only hope the next episode will be better. This episode was terribly written, pointlessly gory, not scary, frustratingly obscure, and had terrible casting. No one in the episode is sympathetic so you really don't care when bad things happen. The whole plot hinges on a silly connection to the main character's traumatized childhood. This connection is evidently supposed to bring some kind of sense to what is happening in the present but it doesn't. This episode is total crap. Don't bother watching it. It brings down the quality of the entire series which, in general, I like very much.moreless
  • I actually enjoyed this

    Now I am a fan of gore and odd things, and this was just odd with a capital O! It had a great start, the father being possesed and then killing his wife and trying to kill the kid and then waiting 24 years to hunt down the son. Was acutually a little scary to begin with and then a little silly but I still think a great start to season two, lots of blood and guts, but the end effect was kind of weird altogeher and left me wondering if the writers did not plan it too well with how that would turn out, it would have been better if we never saw the thing altogether, much scarier that way.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • It's never clarified what kills Kevin's father at the beginning. He's invisibly struck down and eviscerated, but this doesn't make sense with how the same creature kills Kevin at the end of the episode, or how it appears.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Kevin: There wasn't much left me after that night. But everybody I ever met has a wound one way or another. Thing is, you got to sew up it good and tight. Otherwise it'll just keep opening. And one day you'll bleed to death.

    • Kevin: The way I see it, the people you care about never die. They just go somewhere else and wait for you. That's about as religious as I get. Better then God deserves from me, considering.

  • NOTES (1)

    • DVD Features: The Damned Thing: Building the Oil Monster, Texas Terror: "The Making of the Damned Thing, Audio Commentary by R.C. Matheson, The Damned Thing Script, Photo Gallery, Tobe Hooper's Biography