Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 7

The Screwfly Solution

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 08, 2006 on Showtime

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  • someone or something has started a virus that makes men kill women when they're aroused.

    Wow! Is all I have to say about this episode and that is not a good "wow" but I disappointed one. When I heard the plot of the episode is one sex trying to kill of the other one, I thought it could be pretty amusing. And it was a good idea, the only good idea. It's like they put a lot of thought into the main plot and just couldn't find a way to execute it right so they took off their thinking caps and decided to just make it about a virus that aliens inflicted upon us. I kid you not.

    Its just the perfect example of a d-rate low budget science fiction episode. And when you start watching it don't expect anything more than that because if you do you will be sadly mistaken.
  • One of the better episodes in my opinion.

    I have seen about half of the episodes in the Masters of Horror series and I thought this was one of the better ones. It is more of a science fiction type episode than true horror, but I think the series should be allowed a little flexibility so more imagination can be used. Based on the previous episodes I can state that limiting the show to true horror can be really limiting and in somes cases somewhat boring.

    I liked the ending with the aliens being the ones who were experimenting on us. Thier apparent apathy when they killed two people with a mere gesture was relatable to how we feel about killing insects when it suits our needs. I don't have a problem with us killing insects by the way --- it just felt like a powerful moment when the alien acted like humans were nothing more than bugs from their point of view.

    The ending of this episode was quite bleak so in that respect this lived up to one of the qualifications of a horror episode. It also had some pretty intense violence earlier in the episode which is not something for the squimesh.

    The acting was quite good also. Most of the characters were relatable and believable. So, overall I'd rate this as a well above-average episode.
  • It's almost like the Screwed-Fly Solution

    I really liked Joe Dante's previous episode Homecoming but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with how "The Screwfly Solution" turned out. I have a copy of the original story by Raccoona Sheldon/James Tiptree Jr. and I like the original story. When I received a copy of this episode on DVD, I was fascinated by it although I had heard reviews that said the story was better.

    Well, the story was better but the movie wasn't that bad.

    The main plot of the screwfly being eradicated slowly and then the same thing happening to humans. Males killing females in various towns and cities all over the world is horrifying and there were times where I found myself yelling at the television screen for someone to just kill those murderous male bastards. There was also the concept of the ending where the perpetrators of the mass homicides are beings of another "exterminators". While I thought the whole ending idea was kind of stupid, I had to admit that I was impressed with the design of the plague instigators. Elliot Gould and Jason Priestly were dynamite in this film and Kerry Norton wasn't that bad I guess. However, I did think that teenage daughter was an idiot yet I still felt sorry for her fate. Overall, this movie doesn't compare to Family or Pelts but it is still good in some aspects.
  • It might be more sci-fi than horror, but it was as disturbing as anything else in the series.

    People are jumping to conclusions when they write about what the reasons are for destroying the human race. Just because the characters in the story "might" be alluding to us being self-destructive might be true, but does not explain the actions and motives of the ones responsible because there is nothing to indicate why they did it. The show was pretty good with a few sequences that were mainly shocking than terrifying (i.e. the airplane sequence). The few parts that made me scratch my head was why the daughter was acting so stupid and why Priestly's character didn't take the castration shot even though he already had a family. Other than that it's one of the better episodes this season.
  • Excellent! Thought provoking and topically relevant.

    Some themes are chillingly familiar in American society today. Everything ties in very well; world events, religion, social attitudes and pandemics. It's also a very good lesson on demonstrating how an idea can spread like a disease under the guise of moral righteousness. Also some very good dialogue and acting. The actress that plays Amy the daughter is very convincing. She has an interesting allure. She is very young and will do well. Overall the story is very suspenseful and well done. Woooah! Jason Priestly sure aged a lot! Figures, I haven't seen him since 90210.
  • It's a cheap sci-fi B movie.

    This episode starts off just like a low budget sci fi flick that was made for cable tv, watching throughout the whole episode felt so bad, that watching those low budget sci fi flicks felt so much better than this one. Maybe there's some scenes in here that was meant to make a political statement, I agree with that, but the rest of the episode offers nothing new or compelling. A virus makes men want to kill women. It's the same old exploitation B movie tricks that look so uninteresting if seen today. The blood and gore was used just to make it look like a horror film, but it fails miserably, since the rest of this episode is so bad. The part that's gory is done in a comedic way, it doesn't feel horror anymore. If you haven't seen this episode, you'll be grateful skipping it.
  • The story is probably something long time scifi readers have seen before. Aliens wipe out humanity by means of a virus.

    The short story this episode was based on is considered far better then the tv episode. You can read the short story here at

    The author is a woman btw. James Tiptree Jr was a pseudonym since woman authors weren\'t well recieved. However the story wasn\'t writting under that pseudonym it was under the pseudonym Raccoona Sheldon.
  • I liked this episode, the idea was original and the storyline well done. It just wasn't horror, it was Sci-Fi.

    Here the story: Two scientists working for disease control just return from their last mission. They had to cut into the reproduction cycle of screwflies, nasty rainforest bugs which lay their eggs inside mammal brains. The method of fighting these pests was to manipulate the male flies into confusing their primal reproduction programs, thus killing the females instead of impregnate them.
    Meanwhile, men in different cities around the globe start to kill every woman in sight. The scientists figure out that there must be something triggering that behaviour, something created to have a very similar effect to their recent eradication of the screwflies. Then they explain, that - and here some people seem to have missed a little bit of the story - such an effect can not develop by accident and has be coded to a certain species, in that case, humankind. Soon the problem is spreading and we follow survival of one of the scientists wife as well as the downfall of humanity. In the end we get a small peak at some aliens, which seem to probe some of their human specimens to see how it worked.
    I think, this was a nice episode. One flaw was, that it was clearly not horror. It would have been a nice episode of The Outer Limits and seems a bit out of place in Masters Of Horror. The other flaw of that episode was that it was a little too eager to explain itself at the beginning AND the end. I don't think that was neccessary, it would have been nicer to get to figure out myself what was going on.
    But, oh well, it was nonetheless one of the better episodes of this series.
  • A genetic mutation originally designed to counteract flies in the rainforest is applied to humans by aliens. Men start killing all the women, who are eventually hunted like animals. I do agree with the reviewer above, it was clearly not horror.

    I just finished watching the episode- unecessary to have those little \\\"flashbacks\\\" at the end! The aliens were absolutely ridiculous. It would have been better if it HAD been a mutation which jumped to humans. I often get very tired of these modern \\\"morality plays\\\" which oooh were going to destroy ourselves blah blah blah. Well theres nothing any of us lay-people can do about it, okay? I actually laughed at the aliens at the end...why did he collect brain samples from the hunter? They came here for the brains? Storywise, it was an interesting concept, the woman in disguise thing. But that daughter was horrible- typical teenager, but really immature. Did she NOT see what was happening? Near to the end of days, and she is still discussing the homecoming dance?
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