Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 3

The V Word

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A waste.

    I really thought that, for the first time, we had there a great ep of this second season of MOH. The 25 first minutes were great, filled with mystery and fear and it was exciting to follow these two teenagers in the mortuary, checking what was happening here. But the story become after that improbable, cliche, to finally worth not better than any random vampire tv show. I really feel like it's a waste of something what could have been a masterpiece if worked a bit much. MOH sounds more and more to me like another Creepshow, well, it's not what i was awaiting from MOH. Will wait for the next eps, with no really hope, except if they bring us reals " masters of horrors directors" again.
  • The C Word: Cliché!

    Bad one. Very bad one. Starts very well but the wellness goes out fast. The episode's name should be The C Word. Cliché! ! !

    Good photography, nice places, but VERY bad actors, TERRIBLE plot, lame solutions. Keep some safe distance from this one, maybe it's the worst Masters of Horror episode ever. (Spoilers ahead) What kind of stupid vampire was that? You could think he's kinda Jack Nicholson's brother at first sight, but in the end looks like he's just a bad actor doing a bad character. . . If you love vampire's histories, you'll be angry and furious with this one.
  • Great!

    some people are bashing this episode, however I found it to have all the elements I was looking for. Great leading caracter (Justin) twists and turns and bringing you up and down the entire time. I felt it was all brought togeather nicely and that this was the best episode of the series so far.
  • Good premise, disappointing follow-through.

    This was an \"okay\" episode. Classic premise- two youngsters, bored, decide to break into a funeral home for some thrills. What couldve gone a \"Return of the Living Dead\" ala vampire, went vampire alright. But it was as if Garris just ran out of idea right there. A little convoluted, but not bad. More of a filler episode to get us to the next one.