Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 8

Valerie on the Stairs

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 29, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A writer becomes bewitched by a young woman he sees on the stairs. The young woman, asking for help, seems to be prisoner of a demon.

    Well, this episode was hard to pin down. The first five minutes you knew you were in for something creepy- rickety house, embittered writers, strange noises and unexplained deaths. This seems to be another episode of the series, however, where the leading "dumb" male becomes obsessed with a "female" (ghost or not) who they know, as does the audience, isnt good for them on any level. This one- who the hell nows except she lives on a staircase and is the "Devils Concubine". Okay...

    The thing that kept confusing me about this episode was the really weird dichotomy between the demon and Valerie. She's afraid of him, he hurts her, hes in charge. But when they go on their "death rounds" shes totally different. She calls all the shots. She's the catalyst for the evil in those situations. The gore was good. The ending was very Twilight Zone-esque, and it was a kind of a "Sixth Sense" twist, but it left me unfulfilled, like they werent sure how to end it. I dont know, I have mixed feelings on this one. My faith in the series has been rocked this season.
  • From the stairs to your very heart and mind...

    Valerie on the Stairs was all right by me on the basis that it is a Cliver Barker based story (though not as good to me as the first season Haeckel's Tale) and that it starred the lovely Claire Grant and Candyman Tony Todd. This wasn't as terrible as some reviews had led me to believe before I saw the production but it still wouldn't exactly count as a definite favorite either. What I liked: Valerie and the Beast were both played excellently, though I thought the Beast could have been made up better than that. Tyrone Leisto was pretty good as the main character Rob who seeks the lovely and imprisoned Valerie as a muse of the mind and flesh only to be sent down a long journey into his own personal discovery of his true self that really is one for the book. Christopher Lloyd fit well as an older writer who was responsible for the Beast. Still, I think his and the other writers' characters could have been played out more but that's just me. This is another good installment on Mick Garris and Clive Barker's palette.
  • Something is happening with this series... Something really bad...

    I'm a fan of "Masters of horrors" since episode 1 and I thought season 1 was really good (with amazing directors and creative storylines, with really good episodes like "Cigarette burns", "Sick Girl", "Incident on and off a montain road", the reluctant "Chocolate" very interesting or Larry Cohen's "Pick up"). Season 2 has been interesting... at the beginning with "Family", "The V Word" (I liked it much) and the amazing political Joe Dante "The screwfly solution" or 2 "Sounds like"...

    But after this fabulous beggining the series begin to down to an unwaited limits... It is so painful to watch John Carpenter's episode "Pro-Life", "Right to die" or "We Scream for Ice Cream", they are so fu**ing cliché, with ridiculous storylines and mediocre actors and a direction which seems to be directed by some hollywood director or a dreadful writer from "Gilmore Girls" or "Dawson's creek"... or worse yet, like one of the "CSI" writings...

    Horrible. Horrible. I want to stop watching this... I prefer a few good episodes against the rest of season two... plenty of scary times... I mean, it's so scary about the quality of the episodes, directors & actors...

  • Senseless.

    This episode enters the territory of the Twilight Zone. This is perhaps the bad version of the twilight zone. It's about a writer who finds a woman in his apartment being tormented by a demon. We think it's supernatural at first, but then we realize that it's something else. It makes no sense at all, to see it in a 1 hour format feels like it was going nowhere, and it didn't. It ends abruptly, I felt cheated for an hour, there was nothing in it. With the great makeup effects by the demon, there was nothing in the plot that was interesting, I feel I wasted my time watching this.