Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 8

Valerie on the Stairs

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 29, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Something is happening with this series... Something really bad...

    I'm a fan of "Masters of horrors" since episode 1 and I thought season 1 was really good (with amazing directors and creative storylines, with really good episodes like "Cigarette burns", "Sick Girl", "Incident on and off a montain road", the reluctant "Chocolate" very interesting or Larry Cohen's "Pick up"). Season 2 has been interesting... at the beginning with "Family", "The V Word" (I liked it much) and the amazing political Joe Dante "The screwfly solution" or 2 "Sounds like"...

    But after this fabulous beggining the series begin to down to an unwaited limits... It is so painful to watch John Carpenter's episode "Pro-Life", "Right to die" or "We Scream for Ice Cream", they are so fu**ing cliché, with ridiculous storylines and mediocre actors and a direction which seems to be directed by some hollywood director or a dreadful writer from "Gilmore Girls" or "Dawson's creek"... or worse yet, like one of the "CSI" writings...

    Horrible. Horrible. I want to stop watching this... I prefer a few good episodes against the rest of season two... plenty of scary times... I mean, it's so scary about the quality of the episodes, directors & actors...