Masters of Horror

Season 2 Episode 10

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 12, 2007 on Showtime

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  • After a prank from their youth goes terribly wrong, killing an innocent and gentle retarded ice-cream man, the vengeful spirit comes back costing the now adult members of the West Side Gang their lives one by one.

    Now finally, this has been the best episode since \\\"Family\\\". Great timing, great reveal and wow, you CAN make horror without gratuitous amounts of nudity. As someone in the forum mentioned, it also reminded me of Stephen King\\\'s It- but perhaps thats just the clown-persona. I also liked that the real scariness of this episode laid in the anticipation of a very strange death, not so much in buckets of blood and guts. The death of Virgil, the worst member of the group was really gross, but in a tolerable way. You also feel bad for Buster, because he was treated unfairly in his life and his death was completley heartbreaking and unnecessary. Second best episode of the season.
  • I scream, you scream, we all know the same thing...

    We All Scream for Ice Cream was actually a pretty good episode despite all of the negative reviews that I saw for it prior to its release on DVD. I really liked the main plot where the victimized and (unintentionally) murdered Buster returns from the dead in order to wreak his horrible venegance on those who had caused him harm. His method of vengeance was interesting (and made sense since he is/was an ice cream man) by having voodoo ice cream men that would make the real person melt into nothing more than a technicolor puddle of bloody ice cream.

    William Forsythe was brilliant in this Masters as the demented Buster and Lee Tergeson was alright in his role as Layne, the guy who returns to the hometown of a dark secret. The child actors in the flashback scene were also good too as was most of the plot. So far, the only part were I would dislike was the ending where Buster appears in the final shot of the film. My opinion: leave it at the sound of the clown on the wind-nothing more. Other than that, great job Tom Holland.
  • Someone said IT?

    This episode marks the WORSE episode I've ever seen... I've ever seen, yes, because if I'm watching something and at the middle of the movie (or episode) I don't see anything, actually, I stop. But I wanted to stay to the end because I hope this series could be surprising yet... or minimally, something to watch... but no...

    First of all, this episode is a really embarasing copy of STEPHEN KING'S IT. All the story has the basic elements of King's story. ALL. A bunch of kids return together after 20 or 25 years, when something bad happened, with a evil clown... with some misterious murders... ALL the elements but surprisingly turned into a really bad... it seems a tv movie like Hallmark's films... or even a episode of "Murder she wrote". This is absolutely WORST. I have no idea why I'm watching yet this tv series... "Pelts", "Right to die", "Valerie on the stairs"... Horrible. And this episode, "We all scream for ice cream" - it would have to be titled "We all scream for this piece of b*******". I really apreciated the first episodes from this season, specially "Sounds like" or Joe Dante's or John Landi's... but this, it has to be stopped. I can't stand for anything more like this... I doubt to watch "The Washingtonians" and the two final episodes...

    I will not be surprised if Showtime won't make a third season...
  • A COMPLETE waste of time (as are most episodes of this series)... but this one is the absolute WORST one yet!

    I have watched every episode of this series since the beginning. I thought I'd finally seen the worst episode of season 2 when I saw "Valerie on the Stairs" (the episode about the apartment building inhabited solely by unsuccessful writers, and the "ghost girl" that they are all somehow able to see in their dreams -- yecchh!). But this episode has surpassed even that one in terms of sheer, unabashed awfulness.

    Literally every actor in this episode, from the main character and every member of his family, to the children in the flashbacks, to the mentally handicapped ice-cream-truck-driving clown himself, who is somehow able to avenge himself from beyond the grave by turning certain people into *melted ice cream* (by hypnotizing their children and then convincing them to partake of his *evil magic ice cream* -- I kid you not), to the grown-up villain who, for absolutely no discernable reason, spends the entirety of his crucial scene bobbing up and down in some sort of wood-slatted *bathtub* in the very same parking structure as the vengeful clown's ice-cream truck (???), should all be forced to hand over their SAG membership cards; even the complete lack of a coherent script cannot be blamed for the utterly unwatchable performances turned in by all in question. This episode was so bad, I could not even laugh at it, as I so often had while watching earlier episodes of this contemptuous series.

    Take my word for it, if you should attempt to watch this episode, you WILL find yourself begging for the last 60 minutes of your life back, and vowing never to tune in to any future episodes of this series (no matter how skillfully the previews of upcoming episodes are cut together by the marketing geniuses at Showtime).