Masters of Science Fiction

Season 1 Episode 1

A Clean Escape

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • "Masters of Science Fiction" is a new series which features single-episode story arcs based on works of some of the best science fiction authors.

    The premiere episode, based on a short story by Nebula award winner John Kessel, tells the story of a psychologist, Dr. Evans, who has spent the past ten months interrogating a man who is missing the past 24 years of his life, and whose short-term memory lasts for a mere 40 minutes. During Havelman's missing years, Dr. Evans reveals that numerous nuclear explosions were launched that destroyed most major cities and left the Earth's surface in ruins, forcing the 871 people that remained to seek refuge in an underground bunker.

    While "A Clean Escape" got off to a slow start, it did improve later on as more was revealed about the occurrences leading up to the catastrophic events that all but wiped life from the planet. The storyline was intriguing and no doubt piqued and held the interest of a fair portion of its Saturday night audience, but was still highly predictable and the twist at the end was definitely not unforeseeable. The show was saved, however, by powerful acting, and the fact that there was little competition in its given timeslot, with most other networks airing repeats.

    With a show such as "Masters of Science Fiction", featuring a different story and writer every week, it is difficult to tell whether the series will prove to be worth watching or not, but if you are a fan of the science fiction genre then this is a show that you may enjoy.