Masters of Science Fiction

Season 1 Episode 3

Jerry Was a Man

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • What defines humanity?

    This episode was a totally cynical look at what it means to be human.

    In the future, artificially created humanoids are used to various job; similar to replicants in "Blade Runner". Jerry's job, along with others of his type, was clearing minefields by stepping on them blowing themselves to smithereens. So we are to believe that in the future, we will create living beings to be used in this way? Nonsense. Using machines to do this is much more effective even today using low tech machines with spinning chains. Though in poor countries people are used to clear mines - even then they identify mines then defuse them - no blow themselves up. For some unknown reason Jerry is taken off mine clearing duty to be sold to a pet food factory. Now here comes the really stupid part. A billionaire woman offers to buy him, but is told he has already been bought. How much would anyone pay for a humanoid for pet food? $100? Heck, she could just send the pet food company $100,000 easy - would they refuse? Not unless they were insane. It cost over $3 million to create a stupid miniture elephant that writes I Love You a million times- so it must have cost big money to create Jerry, yet he is sold as a pet food ingredient? Yeah.... right... sigh...

    Jerry's status is put on trial - is he more than what he was created for? Should he be declared human. After reviewing recordings of Jerry's last mine clearing mission it was clear he switched places with another humanoid after spotting a mine so he wouldnt die and the other would be blown up. So, they say, only a human being would do something like screw over someone else to save himself. Jerry is saved from the pet food factory. Basically the moral of this sordid tale is what defines us as human is not love or self sacrifice but our dark sides. Thats nice. Next...

    Not even Stephen Hawking can save this show. Of course the decision to cancel it by cutting off the 2 remaining episodes and consigning it to the 10PM Saturday graveyard makes the whole issue of this shows fate academic.
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