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  • A below standard version of The Outer Limits which fails to strike a light

    This review is based on the four episodes watched. Overall the show matched my low expectations of what modern-day, cheap SF shows tend to be made of. Frankly though thats not what I watched for. My primary desire to watch shows like these are the content and the strange, thought-provoking stories that form the central plot in each episode. To that end there is a mixture of good, bad and terrible. At least though I suspect there is a little for every one. The use of famous/semi-famous actors was a good thing and overall they did a splendid job of convincing the viewer (me) of the urgency, intensity and emotion of the situations portrayed for each show.

    Sets and locations went from excellent (Discarded) to ok for (Watchbird), while action was low on the intensity scale, drama unfortunately didn't compenstate were needed in at least half. Though Watchbird and Discarded did have best action and drama between them, the Awakening held the best drama of the lot.

    Overall I cant help feeling that this project failed to live up to the makers intentions. Maybe its too easy to compare against shows like the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits though. Perhaps this kind of show and SF genre just doesnt stand up against major SF shows like Stargate, StarTrek, Heroes, Fringe etc. Personally though I think its a mistake to compare them. MoSF is what it is, and while I cant see it coming back onto our screen anytime soon, it should be reserrected if the right material can be found for it.

    I 'would' recommend you pick and choose the episodes you watch, but there are so few. Perhaps the best thing you can do is if you need to fill an hour or so then record and watch an episode every so often, when you have the time.
  • 3 episodes in and all that can be said for it is that technically it looks good - and thats me being positive

    I was really hoping for something original with this new series - however all i got out of it was a lot of great actors and special effects with unoriginal scripts and plots! What is the point of wasting money on either of the previously mentioned attributes without spending a little on good writing?
    Although many would say that 2 out of 3 "aint" bad, i am not a subscriber to this theory - especially when the missing element is fundamentally the only one that matters.
    Great actors and special effects will never make up for poor writing - NEVER!
    Apparently there are producers out there that still believe that people will watch anything as long as it looks good... and historically they are most probably correct.
    However... this time i am hoping that he subsequent poor ratings for this obviously very expensive program sends some kind of message to someone, somewhere, so that maybe, in some small way, the "whole" is improved - or at the very least, this program.
  • This series was blessing after the glut of reality shows clogging the airways. Action tells only part of the story. Hence the needed moments of exposition which some may find tedious. Though plot's easier to present in text the shows met the challenge.

    Science fiction requires thought, concentration and careful attention to what is happening on the screen. It is not like simple slap stick where sight gags move the action along. The plot is often like an onion, one layer after another. It takes careful viewing and concentration to appreciate good science fiction. I found myself focused on the screen, watching the actors, the sets, costumes... I was happy to see the commercials so my husband and I could discuss what was happening, what did it mean, and what would occur afterwards. It was refreshing to have to think. Not for inane comedy junkies.
  • Great idea, horrible execution.

    This is a wonderful idea. I only wish it were similar to the Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits. The producers, or writers, have decided, however, that they would rather push their political agendas than tell good stories. The Naïveté shown in the second episode was actually funny. The idea that if we all just lay down our weapons we'd get along just fine, is ludicrous. Just look at North Korea. Do you really think that if every other nation laid down their weapons they would say, "Oh, I guess we don't need to build a nuclear bomb now." How quickly people forget Napoleon, Stalin, and Hitler And more importantly, how many people followed them.

    Even this could be forgiven if it was done in an entertaining manner, but sadly it isn't. Very disappointed.
  • Similar to the 90s version of OUTER LIMITS.

    The first 2 werent bad, but hopefully they wont all be about evil maniacal American leaders either destroying the world or trying to make sure it is destroyed while everyone else is portrayed as thougthful and level headed. Episode 2 was particulary bad in this respect.

    Episode 1 had the post apocalyptic US President not remembering he was the one responsible for the nuclear war that decimated the Earth. Episode 2 bordered on absurdity with the Chinese, with 5 minutes remaining until all nuclear weapons were useless, threatening to nuke the US if its crazed leaders attacked the weird glowing alien spheres above the US. Nuclear missiles would take 30-40 minutes to arrive in the US, not less than 5 and even then they can only reach the west coast, so the Chinese missiles would be useless. Its inferred the aliens are God that was trying to force us to be one big happy family in a rather ham fisted way.

    So far, for what it is, is entertaining enough, though it is a bit cheesy and filled with stock evil American types. Since it was cut back from 6 to 4 episodes and consigned to the graveyard timeslot of Saturday 10PM - its likely 4 episodes will be all that airs and never be seen again - except perhaps on the SCI-FI channel at some point.
  • Taken from "The Hollywood reporter" : An anthology that stands tall as a summertime oasis ...

    I know I'm not supposed to do this but I couldn't put it in better words.
    I copied this from "The Hollywood reporter" : "An anthology that stands tall as a summertime oasis of superior production, performance and originality, one that ABC has unfortunately done its best to make disappear.
    This is what happens to an original series at ABC when its mercurial entertainment president Stephen McPherson doesn't like it: It gets put on hold for more than a year, trimmed from six episodes to four and then buried deep within the bowels of television Siberia."

    If you are wondering about the status of the show read more here :

  • "Masters Of Science Fiction" is a long awaited dose for sci-fi fans in withdrawals. With only two episodes aired it is hard to judge. The concept is intriguing. I hope the execution improves to meet that concept

    "Masters Of Science Fiction" is a long awaited dose for sci-fi fans in withdrawals. With only two episodes aired it is hard to judge. The concept is intriguing. I hope the execution improves to meet that concept

    I preface this review by pointing out I have seen only one of the two episodes aired. That episode of "Masters Of Science Fiction," "The Awakening," proved the phrase, "The Book Is Always Better than The Movie." The book on which this episode is based was far better. The episode was reset in current time, marred by political overtones, the writing had much to be desired and was cliche. Hopefully this was unique to one episode.

    The show is typical of the current crop of Canadian productions. The feel is similar to "X Files," "Stargate SG-1," and the remake of "Twilight Zone."

    I have had high hopes for this show as I love science fiction and will stay tuned to see if this one episode was an aberration.

    If you have a hour to spend and love science fiction, you may want to watch this series. If you read the original stories, you may have second thoughts.

    I gave this series a higher score than the one episode i saw because the concept is a good one and I have high hopes. I hope my optimism pans out.
  • "Masters of Science Fiction" is a new series which features single-episode story arcs based on works of some of the best science fiction authors.

    The premiere episode, based on a short story by Nebula award winner John Kessel, tells the story of a psychologist, Dr. Evans, who has spent the past ten months interrogating a man who is missing the past 24 years of his life, and whose short-term memory lasts for a mere 40 minutes. During Havelman's missing years, Dr. Evans reveals that numerous nuclear explosions were launched that destroyed most major cities and left the Earth's surface in ruins, forcing the 871 people that remained to seek refuge in an underground bunker.

    While "A Clean Escape" got off to a slow start, it did improve later on as more was revealed about the occurrences leading up to the catastrophic events that all but wiped life from the planet. The storyline was intriguing and no doubt piqued and held the interest of a fair portion of its Saturday night audience, but was still highly predictable and the twist at the end was definitely not unforeseeable. The show was saved, however, by powerful acting, and the fact that there was little competition in its given timeslot, with most other networks airing repeats.

    With a show such as "Masters of Science Fiction", featuring a different story and writer every week, it is difficult to tell whether the series will prove to be worth watching or not, but if you are a fan of the science fiction genre then this is a show that you may enjoy.
  • Great Science Fiction writers' works are taken and adapted to the screen for this series. The format is similar to Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

    Ok, contrary to the previous review when your network does not work that is not a good reason to give a show a bad review. Give your network a bad review, not an episode of a show you weren't able to hear. -

    Those people like myself who were able to see the 1st episode know are excited for more. The series has alot of promise and based on the first episode it should follow through well. Since the Twiglight Zone the airways have been missing good solid science fiction that makes you really think when you see it. Based on the writers that are being used to create the episodes this should be a return to that.

    This series is very appealing to fans of science fiction, however as it has not been promoted in commercials very much etc. I fear it will not last. Here's hoping for the best.
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