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ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Similar to the 90s version of OUTER LIMITS.

    The first 2 werent bad, but hopefully they wont all be about evil maniacal American leaders either destroying the world or trying to make sure it is destroyed while everyone else is portrayed as thougthful and level headed. Episode 2 was particulary bad in this respect.

    Episode 1 had the post apocalyptic US President not remembering he was the one responsible for the nuclear war that decimated the Earth. Episode 2 bordered on absurdity with the Chinese, with 5 minutes remaining until all nuclear weapons were useless, threatening to nuke the US if its crazed leaders attacked the weird glowing alien spheres above the US. Nuclear missiles would take 30-40 minutes to arrive in the US, not less than 5 and even then they can only reach the west coast, so the Chinese missiles would be useless. Its inferred the aliens are God that was trying to force us to be one big happy family in a rather ham fisted way.

    So far, for what it is, is entertaining enough, though it is a bit cheesy and filled with stock evil American types. Since it was cut back from 6 to 4 episodes and consigned to the graveyard timeslot of Saturday 10PM - its likely 4 episodes will be all that airs and never be seen again - except perhaps on the SCI-FI channel at some point.
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