Masters of Science Fiction

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • 3 episodes in and all that can be said for it is that technically it looks good - and thats me being positive

    I was really hoping for something original with this new series - however all i got out of it was a lot of great actors and special effects with unoriginal scripts and plots! What is the point of wasting money on either of the previously mentioned attributes without spending a little on good writing?
    Although many would say that 2 out of 3 "aint" bad, i am not a subscriber to this theory - especially when the missing element is fundamentally the only one that matters.
    Great actors and special effects will never make up for poor writing - NEVER!
    Apparently there are producers out there that still believe that people will watch anything as long as it looks good... and historically they are most probably correct.
    However... this time i am hoping that he subsequent poor ratings for this obviously very expensive program sends some kind of message to someone, somewhere, so that maybe, in some small way, the "whole" is improved - or at the very least, this program.