Masters of Science Fiction

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • A below standard version of The Outer Limits which fails to strike a light

    This review is based on the four episodes watched. Overall the show matched my low expectations of what modern-day, cheap SF shows tend to be made of. Frankly though thats not what I watched for. My primary desire to watch shows like these are the content and the strange, thought-provoking stories that form the central plot in each episode. To that end there is a mixture of good, bad and terrible. At least though I suspect there is a little for every one. The use of famous/semi-famous actors was a good thing and overall they did a splendid job of convincing the viewer (me) of the urgency, intensity and emotion of the situations portrayed for each show.

    Sets and locations went from excellent (Discarded) to ok for (Watchbird), while action was low on the intensity scale, drama unfortunately didn't compenstate were needed in at least half. Though Watchbird and Discarded did have best action and drama between them, the Awakening held the best drama of the lot.

    Overall I cant help feeling that this project failed to live up to the makers intentions. Maybe its too easy to compare against shows like the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits though. Perhaps this kind of show and SF genre just doesnt stand up against major SF shows like Stargate, StarTrek, Heroes, Fringe etc. Personally though I think its a mistake to compare them. MoSF is what it is, and while I cant see it coming back onto our screen anytime soon, it should be reserrected if the right material can be found for it.

    I 'would' recommend you pick and choose the episodes you watch, but there are so few. Perhaps the best thing you can do is if you need to fill an hour or so then record and watch an episode every so often, when you have the time.
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