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I have very mixed/negative feelings on the subject. When they got together originally in "Pilot" I thought they were pretty cute and their relationship was a good way for the series to introduce us to how sexually open/adventurous Virginia is. Their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Virginia explains that she doesn't want to pursue a relationship more serious than the one they currently have, and Ethan hits her and she tells him she no longer wishes to see him.

Throughout "Race to Space" we see Ethan, upset over his break-up with Virginia, sleeping with several girls from the nursing staff and trying to recreate the experience he had with her. One girl is too prude and one girl is too "slutty". It's like Goldlie-Locks and he's looking for the girl who's just right (Virginia) while treating all the other girls he's sleeping with like trash. After this episode I didn't have any respect at all for Ethan.

In "Thank You For Coming" Libby throws a dinner party trying to coyly set up Virginia and Ethan, since she isn't aware of their past relationship. Ethan, knowing Virginia doesn't want anything to do with him, still gets drunk and tries to make her let him drive her and her children home. This was also the start of the unfortunate Vivian story....

In "Catherine", Virginia has to take her children to work with her and Henry runs away, Ethan finds him and brings him back to Virginia. He even offers to help be a good male role model in Henry's life and maybe throw the ball around with him from time to time. Seems nice enough, but I still didn't trust he wasn't just trying to get into her pants.
He then consoles her in "Involuntary" after Masters horribly insults her by giving her money for participating in the study, making her feel worthless. The Masters/Johnson drama is a whole 'nother story and not what we are talking about her because...
...we get to "Fallout" and Virginia and Ethan are sleeping together again?!?! What? Are we going to pretend he didn't just 1. Break up with a girl he was engaged to for like a week (actually I don't really know how time is going on this show since Libby is already VERY pregnant after like 3 episodes) and 2. Abuse and then stalk her? Did we all forget about this?

All is well in denial land because in "Phallic Victories" they are having sleepovers and then she even leaves Ethan with her children while she's away at a conference. Ethan then tells Virginia's ex-hubby/father of her children that they're going to get married and she's going to MOVE AWAY WITH HIM to wherever he gets a job. He hasn't mentioned these plans to Virginia who, by the way, has a job she really enjoys. UGH.

So are we supposed to like Ethan now? Just forget about the mega asshole creep he was for the first 5 episodes of this show? It's one thing that they got back together, it's another that they completely pretended like all the bad stuff never happened. Their whole relationship makes me feel icky. What do you guys think? Are you more team Masters/Johnson (yeah I know they're going to end up together, but whatever)? Did you think Vivian was also crazy?


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