Matantei Loki Ragnarok

Season 1 Episode 8

Eighth Night - Onwards!! Yamino Detective Agency

Aired Unknown May 24, 2003 on TV Tokyo

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  • Yamino must save his beloved master Loki from death at the hands of two robbers! But who exactly IS Yamino, anyway?

    Yamino Detective agency!

    We see him all the time, always at the side of his beloved Master Loki. He is constant, frequently providing comic releif, cooking delicious treats, and using the oh-so-important mail order. But who exactly IS Yamino?

    This episode, in my opinion, is fun and exciting. Yamino is put in charge of the detective agency by Loki for a 'trial period', during which the god is captured by two robbers. he exploits his unique knowledge of norse mythology to find and save Loki with the help of Mayura. During the search, we learn that Yamino is Loki's son!

    Yamino is hardly ever discussed. He just sits in the back and nods his head approvingly. Now we get to see him in action, which was a nice change in pace. Loki is set out of the way, allowing us to see Yamino's true character that lies underneath.

    I think the music was handled pretty well too. Also, I believe that this is the first time that we learn, from Loki's mouth, who Loki is exactly. That topic hasn't been covered very thouroughly in this season.

    All in all, Yamino is a great character, and I am glad that we had an episode centering on him. I hope that another episode like this will occur in the future.