Matantei Loki Ragnarok

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Trip of the Gods
      The assassins have stopped attacking Loki and now he is free to return to the world of the gods. The only thing stopping him is Mayura. Can he bear to return to the world of the gods and leave her?
    • End of the Dream
      End of the Dream
      Episode 25
      When Hel kidnaps Yamino, Ecchan and Fenrir, Loki is forced into action. He and the goddess of the underworld embark on a strange journey on a train car...but will it end victoriously for Loki or will he perish in Hel's flames?
    • The Shadow of Loneliness
      Mayura, suspicious of Loki, investigates his house while he and the other gods have a picnic. Unfortunately, she is involved in Hel's evil plans...
    • The Summer Girl Beside the Lake
      On a trip to the lake in search of summer fun, Loki might get more than he expected.
    • The Truth About the Goddesses
      Loki wants to talk to the Norns but first he must survive their crazy house!
    • The Dawn of Heimdall
      coming soon..
    • Red Shoes
      Red Shoes
      Episode 20
      The Norns decide to use Freya to get to Loki. Skuld is the next Norn to plot Loki's death, but can she really kill him? What is the significance of the red shoes?
    • Narugami-kun's Pure-hearted Story
      Narugami meets an amazing girl and falls in love. But the Norns have a new plan and she may not be what she seems...
    • Eighteenth Night - The Seven-Colored Detective Appears!
      A spell is cast on Loki when he investigates a mysterious house, and now he is taking on other people's personalities! Yamino tries to help Loki but the Norns can Loki defeat them when he isn't quite himself?
    • Seventeenth Night - Kitchen Sanctuary
      When Yamino, Mayura and Narugami go on a competitive cooking show, they discover that the opposing team is...Freyr, Heimdall, and Gullinbursti? And Skuld is the show's announcer! Now Yamino and Loki must defeat the Norns and win the competition!
    • Sixteenth Night - Demonic Bell
      There's going to be a wedding at Mayura's temple soon, and the gang is invited. However, Verdandi (one of the Norns) has something up her sleeve. Will the wedding day be tarnished, or can Loki and his friends pull through?
    • Fifteenth Night - Beautiful Assassins
      A new fortune-telling trio enters town, and, predictably, Mayura is excited. She attempts to drag the group along, even showing them a poster she found about the fortune tellers, but in the end she heads out alone. It becomes clear, however, that the Fortune tellers may not be Fortune tellers at all, especially when the poster Mayura brought over turns into a demon familiar. Can Loki and the gang save Mayura from this danger, or is it already too late?moreless
    • Fourteenth Night - Light Dog, Dark Dog, and Black Dog
      Mayura finally decides to get the one thing she's sure will help transform her into the ultimate mystery solver; a dog! When sets out to find one, a puppy literally falls out of the blue and at her feet. But this black pup probably won't be sniffing out criminals any time soon... or will he? This new dog isn't all he appears to be... Meanwhile, Loki's investigating mysterious blackouts that are occurring over town. How are the blackouts and the black dog connected?moreless
    • Thirteenth Night - Flower of Illusion
      A relaxing day shopping with Reiya turns hectic when Loki realizes that Reiya can become her full form--Freya--without the help of the Breising necklace. Back home, Yamino finds a strange flower in the hallway, and weird things begin to happen; we also find that Loki can become full sized too, with a litte "Help" from the allfather, Odin...moreless
    • Twelfth Night - The Trap of Dracula's Castle
      Mayura tries out a brand-new video game called Dracula's Castle and gets trapped inside. Its up to Loki to complete each level in the game to rescue her and the others.
    • Eleventh Night - Transfer Student in Love
      Mayura is distraught. She finds that if she doesn't get more members for her Mystery club, it's going to be shut down for good. The director claims her club is a waste of time and money, and she hasn't even found one single true mystery. Mayura mentions this to Frey, (who, as seen in earlier episodes, adores her,) and he's more than eager to help. But when he starts to dip into Heimdall's stash of magic 'tricks' to conjure up a mystery for the director, it doesn't take a genius to know that things are going to get messy...moreless
    • Tenth Night - Evening Coffee House
      The Mystery: Loki, Yamino, and Mayura find an excellent coffee house that has mysteriously become vacant. The group makes an effort to make it popular again, but just when they do, strange things start happening again. What could be behind it?
    • Ninth Night - Mayura`s Way to Certain Victory in the Ceremonial Test!?
      If Mayura doesn't find a way to get a passing grade in her class, she'll end up having to stay after school to study which means: no more mysteries! While she and Narugami crack open the books, a wishing tree is growing from a gem dropped by Frey. Suddenly, Mayura gets an idea that will help her pass the tests; get one of the leaves from the wishing tree! But is it really that simple?...moreless
    • Eighth Night - Onwards!! Yamino Detective Agency
      After witnessing a crime, Loki is abducted and held against his will by two thugs. There, he gets a notion that only the trickster god could get--he puts his life in the hands of Mayura and Yamino by making his whereabouts a mystery for the two to 'solve'. Can Loki's mysterious helper, Yamino, and the mystery lover, Mayura, find Loki in time?moreless
    • Seventh Night - Goddess Freya, Awaken!
      Freya has been realized by Heimdall and they are waiting for Loki to come find them. With the clue that is left behind by Heimdall, Loki and Narugami figure out where they are and go on the search. But when Loki finds Freya things don't turn out as Loki hopes!?
    • Sixth Night - A Girl Under Attack
      A mysterious young girl named Reya shows up on Loki's doorstep asking for help. She claims that, at night, the furniture has been moving on its own and she's been hearing footsteps. However, upon speaking to the head butler, we learn that no such happenings have occurred. Is this girl's story fabricated? Meanwhile, Heimdall is lurking in the shadows, and that's never a good sign...moreless
    • Fifth Night - Kaitou Frey`s Challenge
      It seems that a new thief has come to town named "The Mystery Thief Frey" and of course Mayura takes an interest. But when she asks Loki to help capture him Loki turns her down saying it isn't worth his time. But that doesn't stop Mayura from and she declares that she will capture him herself. But it seems something else is going on and as always Loki gets involved.moreless
    • Fourth Night - Papa was a Famous Detective!?
      In this episode, Mayura is late coming home from the Detective Agency, and her father, is upset. He tells Mayura that she is grounded and starts to walk out of the room when Mayura tries to stop him and both fall to the floor. Wanting to help, Loki uses his powers to put them within a dream of their past. Just after the death of 5 year old Mayura's mother, young Mayura takes off to "get a pat on the head under the beanstalk". But what does that mean? With their past selves unable to see them, the young Mayura is followed by her future version of her father, and Mayura follows her younger father. How will Mayura's father find her and what did she mean?moreless
    • Third Night - The Descending Assassin
      In this episode, the Enjanku Detective Agency takes on a case of angry birds. Upon going to the zoo to investigate, they are greeted by a hawk, that gives Loki a clue to who is behind the birds' erratic behavior. That night, the bird's keeper is brainwashed into kidnapping Mayura in order to lure Loki out into opening. Who is this mysterious person?!moreless
    • Second Night - The Allies of Justice are Totally Broke?!
      Mayura finds that her mystery club has fallen a little short for recruiting, so she concocts a tour of the school's mysteries in an attempt to gain more members. Our unfortunate Loki finds himself dragged along, but amuses himself by disproving all the so-called "mysteries" that Mayura shows him. All but one, that is... And what's the secret behind the school's new transfer student Narugami?moreless
    • First Night: Demon Detective Appears
      Mayura, in search of a missing haunted doll, enlists Loki of the Enjaku Detective Agency in hope of help. At the end of the case, Mayura's fascination with Loki and his agency leads her to hire herself onto the staff.
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