Matantei Loki Ragnarok

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)





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  • Great for anyone who likes Mythology and Fantasy!!

    I was a fan of Norse Mythology before I even started watching this series. This series made me even more of a fan, by referencing several of the stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses in a modern retelling. What makes this series even better is the Friendships formed through the Gods times as Mortals, in particularly Loki learns that his actions effect everyone around him, and he becomes good friends with Mayura Daidoji, whom he doesn't care for much at the beginning. This series will make a lover of Mythology out anyone, and enhance such interest in others. Enjoy it!
  • What happens when Norse God, Loki comes into the world of humans? That's what this anime about. And, I love it. Some possible spoilers for end of series!

    Keeping it simple. I LOVE this anime. It's chock full of mystery, which I love, and cute ass anime characters. Loki, Yamino, Freyr, and Narugami alike are cute. It's very humorous and you can easily wonder, why Mayura is oblivious to some of the things these guys do.

    What is really cute, is Fenrir. Though Mayura can't hear him, he's always yelling around, 'Daddy!' toward Loki. Th other people around, who can acctually understand Fenrir, are probably stuck wondering, 'Why is that puppy calling the kid Daddy?'. My favorite episodes are number 8 & 26. 8 because Yamino returns to his snake form and finally calls Loki 'Father'. I also just love snakes. And Episode 26 because Loki decides to stay in Midgard because of Mayura. The rest of the Gods, agree with him. He also tells Mayura that he is a god but, she doesn't belive him and doesn't even know it's Loki!

    I have only watched the Japanese version and I can say that the Japanese voices are better than the English voices. I prefer this anime over InuYasha and any other Anime. If you love mysteries and humorous animes, pick Matantei Loki Ragnarok, also known as 'Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok' & translated as 'Demon Detective Loki Ragnarok'.
  • I absolutely adore this show. [Spoilers Inside]

    The plot of the show is original, the characters amusing, and the mythology accurate (as far as I know) I have seen all the episodes currently released in the dub and the rest of the series in subtitles, and might I say that I think it was a bit misleading to end it with Spica there xD It's just a wee bit mean to imply that there will be another season when obviously there is not. Anyway, the US release will have a total of 7 parts and so far, there have been four. This means the next three releases will probably have three episodes each, and I would highly recommend that, if you really like the series, you buy the Japanese version and just watch the entire series instead of waiting XD It's truly, truly marvelous.

    The show is a masterpiece...recommended to all, especially fans of Detective Conan. :D
  • This show has some brilliant moments...

    I love mythology, and I love it when mythology is referenced in books and TV. So of course, when I found out there was an anime about the Nordic gods, I was interested. Sadly, I was also disappointed. The show starts out well enough: Loki, the god of chaos, is banished to Earth, is trapped in the body of a little boy and is forced to solve mysteries. Well, you have to admit Odin is creative with his torture.

    The series is enjoyable, even just for the sake of making fun of it. But, about half-way though it begins to drag. Most of the episodes are pointless fillers, and the rare plot-driven moments don’t make sense. Character development is limited to bad guys becoming good guys, and even the most violent enemies end up lounging around Midgard.(*cough*Hemidall*cough*)

    The animation is very pretty and the music, though popish, is alright. The Japanese voice actors are well suited for their roles. And I haven’t heard the American voice actors yet, so I’ll have to get back to that one later.

    Personally, I was disappointed with Loki. I mean, he’s alright as a general anime hero, but he has so much more potential as the God of Chaos. The creators had a perfect opportunity for a cunning anti-hero, and they wasted it by making him a generic good guy. The main bad-guy, Odin, never makes an actual appearance, which also was disappointing to me. I think having a final episode with him and Loki would have brought some closure to the series. (Though, it does look like they were hoping for another season.)

    Although this series can be irritating, it also has some great moments. It’s a great series to laugh at and the characters (though flat) are lovable. As long as you are prepared to not take it seriously, it is a fun anime to watch.
  • This show is so great. First of all Loki is so cute and Thor…hottie, not to mention Heimdall, he’s on the dark side of cute. It’s really an awesome show. It has magic and mystery and later on I can’t wait to see all the different gods and their powers.

    I really love this show. It has a nice mix of magic and darkness. Not to mention how hot and cute the guys are!!! Loki is so cute as a kid and his other form is hot. Anyway, to get away from me saying all the guys are hot…this show is really one that you want to watch. It’s definitely one you want to add to your collection. I already bought the starter set.
    I can’t wait to see all the other gods and their powers. Not to mention what other powers Loki has. Oh and the whole mystery behind why Loki is even in the human world just adds to the show.

    Now let’s talk Mayura. She’s a little on the brainless side. It’s really weird that she doesn’t notice that Loki has powers, let alone a god. I mean he performs all these spells or whatever you want to call them and she doesn’t notice a thing. But what’s the deal with her dad seeing the ghost thing behind Loki but no one else can (that we know of).

    Oh one more thing, does Yamino know that Loki is a god…cause it seems like he does but I’m not completely sure yet.

    Well that’s it for me. I really hope you watch this show and buy it. I know you’ll like.
  • A great mix of Norse mythology and Japanese culture.

    From the first episode I loved Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. The shows portrays the Norse gods very well, giving them a new life each episode. Plus the mystery of this show is on standards to other animes in this genre. I would give this show a 8.9. It has a high rewatch value and keeps you entertained the whole way through.
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