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  • Contestants and celebrities are given a story, often humorous, with a word missing. The contestants score points by giving the same answer as the celebrities.

    Nowadays, so many new game shows are just a disappointment. (How many have been pulled off GSN after less than a season?) I think current producers have forgotten lessons that were learned years ago.

    There are two things that this version had right that subsequent versions whiffed:

    First, the group dynamics bordered on the silly. It was the perfect atmosphere, at times the game was almost secondary. This was a comedy show, and the audience was just waiting for the next zinger. Gene Rayburn wanted the contestants to give funny answers. He loved it when a young woman went on national television only to have to say that someone made "do do" or something happened to their boobs. He gave a mock surprise look when a contestant gave such a response and usually had a follow up ready. The synergy between Charles Nelson Reilly's dry sarcasm and Brett Somers was neat. (e.g. Charles: "Brett, you should try out for the opera Carmen. Somebody has to be the bull.") Brett had this amazing ability to be brilliant one minute and a ditz the next. And of course, she was known to appear on stage after having imbibed during the "dinner break." Richard Dawson was also very funny. Things weren't the same after Family Feud became a success and he left. The way these four played off each other is the model subsequent versions failed to grasp. They didn't last nearly as long.

    Second, subsequent versions, particularly in the 90s, weren't afraid to allow genitalia references. It was such a desperate cop out and bordered on the crass. Frankly, it's funnier to watch the contestants say "tinkled." I would much rather watch a question about the Bionic Woman's Bionic Buns than have everyone talk about her ass. The former allows such a smarter comedy angle.

    I wish this show would return in some form. Jimmy Carr would be absolutely amazing hosting it (see Distraction). I'm a game show guru, and right now the only show I'm watching is one that aired almost forty years ago.
  • Match Game is one of my all-time favorite game shows. They couldn't have done a better job.

    I absolutely LOVE Match Game!!! It was definately a unique game show that set the bar for all others to come. It was a hilarious classic. I love to watch it and see how the contestants think. Some of them come up with the craziest answers that I would never have thought of. It's also fun to watch because it's a game show where you can also play at home. You can compare your answers with the contestants and panelists. Oh my gosh...the panelists. They were what made the show amazing. They were themselves on the show, which I loved. There were on masquerades. So, yeah, I love Match Game. :P
  • Dumb Dora was so Dumb was a lead in for this show.

    I loved this show with such stars as Richard Dawson (best known as host of Family Feud and kissing the women), Brett Sommers, Charles Nelson Reilly (who died May 25th, 2007), and the late Gene Rayburn. We also had such guests as Bill Dailey (from I Dream of Jeannie), Bette White (from the Mary Tyler Moore Show and many other shows), Alan Ludden (Password, who was also married to Betty White at the time), Penny Marshall (Laverne and Shirley), Kate Jackson (Charlie's Angels), and many others. They would have six panelist and 2 contestants. It started out by you trying to match the 6 panelist. Then there was 1 audience matches sometimes 2. Then you would match a star which was a lot of times Richard Dawson. You had a chance of winning up to 10,000 most of the time it was 5,000. It was a great show.
  • One of the best shows EVA!!!!

    Oh my god i love this show MUCH!!!! The first time i saw it was when i was sleeping over my grandmother's house. Wow, it was so funny and hilarious. But about 3 years later i still watch it. I'm 13. I mean it's praticaly morepopular then when it fist came out. But when i saw the special episode of what the people that are usally on the show are doing now. I praticaly cried because the person who was the host. He gat short term memory lost, which means he didn't remember being on the show, and then he passed away. I cried...I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Match Game was a game show that aired since the 60s throughout the 70s. It's host, Gene Rayburn, and the different celebrities from the panel made the show a fantastic hit.

    "Last night I had dinner with my boyfriend. As soon as I began eating, he stuck his thumb in my blank." LOL!! "Dumb Dora was so dumb, (How dumb was she?!) that when she didn't have enough money to buy a color tv, she bought a black & white tv and covered it with blank.)
  • The coolest game show ever since "The Price is Right"

    When I watch this show on the present day Game Show Network (the reruns from the 1970s) I see this particular show as one of the funniest and most fun-to-watch shows in game show history. Host Gene Rayburn, in my opinion, sets the stage for the fantastic show, as well as the six star panelists. The show had its popular "Dumb Dora is so dumb..." phrases, each funnier than the next. Millions of Americans would watch the show in front of their television sets and laugh louder and harder with each episode. Today, in the 21st century, I laugh at the jokes, even if they are thirty or more years old.
  • Dumb Dora was so dumb that...

    Even though I was born in 1991 when Match Game 1990-1 revival was going on, I've found its 1973-82 counterpart far more intersting and attractive (so to speak) than the Ross Shafer version. With host Gene Rayburn (the GREATEST game show host in my opinion), leading a crazy bunch of stars such as Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, Fannie Flagg, Nipsey Russell, Betty White and more, combined with humorous questions written by comedy writers, allowed the stars to put down insane answers to rev up the audience.

    The time slot switch in the late 1970s killed the show. If they had not switched the time slot, Gene Rayburn would have continued hosting the show for many, many more year, and I believe the show would have run for another decade or so at the very least.

    The show, even though it ended originally in April 1979 was brought back in September of that same year and lasted a full three more years!

    I would like to see another Match Game revival (besides the one coming up in the marathon) so with the same rules as the 1970s version, and you could have three stars and three comedians matching the contestants. I believe that if they did that, that revival would be extremely successful.
  • Dumb Donald watches "Match Game" because he's a 'blank.:

    A grew up a teen and use teens had to watch games show and that's why I watch "Match Game 73," I rather watch "Match Game" because it better than "Hollywood Squares." Besides it more fun and well relax. Gene Rayburn is fun to watch and the chemstry with the contestants are fun as well. Richard Dawson is fun as Charles Nelson Reilly. this is a fun show. Also, I saw Bonnie Franklin. she told on the show about her nightclub act. I was I was there to hear her sing. Overall, I love the show. I watch it when I come home from school. Sometimes!
  • Best Game show ever.

    Match Game is probably my favorite game show. It is so funny! I love all the celebrities on the show along with Gene Rayburn. The questions were so out there and you would always here an answer you didn’t expect. My favorite celeb would have to be Richard Dawson. Man is he a hotti LOL. Ok so maybe he wasn’t an extreme hot but c’mon he was pretty tasty right? lol. The show was awesome and I don’t know why anyone would rate it less then perfect.
  • It re-wrote the rules of game show comedy, once it broke them.

    If I may open with a little correction to the broadcast history--Match Game '73's debut was actually July 2, 1973. It was originally meant debut on June 25, 1973 but it was postponed a week as all three networks had pre-empted their daytime line-ups to cover the Watergate hearings.

    The comedy of CBS's take on Match Game has become legendary; when it first started, it ruffled the feathers of the stuffy prims and humorless critics with their bawdy shenanigans, and the behavior of the panelists irked the humorless housewives who preferred their soap operas. They were obviously in the minority as Match Game was daytime's king. Even Mark Goodson tried to out the kibosh on the panel's antics, but he gave in once he saw the ratings go through the roof.

    Gene Rayburn would say in an interview before he passed on that the game was absolutely nothing. And he was right. It was a distant second to the comedy, and it was game show comedy never done like this before. It was spontaneous, gelled together by the chemistry of Messrs. Rayburn, Dawson and Reilly and Mme. Somers, with able assistance from many semi-regulars (Fannie Flagg, Betty White, Nipsey Russell, etc.)

    It was laugh-out-loud entertainment that no other game show has been able to duplicate--even Match Game's later updated editions (1990 and 1998, and '83's mix with the Hollywood Squares).
  • I am in love with match game!

    It was such a wonderful show! I fell in love with it when I first started watching it. It makes me laugh so hard. I have to admit that Richard Dawson was the best part about Match Game. I saw that he was responsible for over $1,000,000 dollars in cash winnings. I can tell why the ratings for Match Game died when he left in 1978. I also like Gene Rayburn's tie and microphone. The microphone was so thin and long and it had a little stub that was a mic (on one episode, Gary Burghoff showed us that the microphone was also very fragile). That was a funny episode. It seemed like a family pretty much. It was such a good show and no other "version" will be able to duplicate the laughter and passion and all that other stuff that Match game 7* brought.
  • Sometimes funny.

    This game can be somewhat interesting and funny. The panel of people are pretty odd, with the occasional normal one. This show ask some funny questions, and the answers range very differently between the panelists. The bonus game is kind of short-lived, being only like half a minute long. Either way, this show adds to the Game Show Network line-up.
  • Perverted Situations

    This show presents many perverted sentences. Celebrities must fill in the blank and write the word down, for exmaple one sentence is Joe dropped his contact into susans _______. So perverted and funny, you can fill in the blank yourself. After the celebs are done writing then the contestants says what she thinks it is, and with every matched answer she gets a point. Although the celebs aren't allowed to say perverted things. There are other sentences which are lame, but the perverted and funny ones greatly outnumber the lame ones, this show is really funny, especiall when you watch it with a friend.
  • The best inintentionally funny show I have ever seen.

    "George's contract lense feel down Susans blank"
    Comon if you don't think thats funny I truly do not know what is. Take quotes like that and put it into the 1970s and you know you have got one heck of a sucess in the 2000s. On every day on the channel GSN at both 7am and 3:30pm I always laught at least a few times a day because of this show. Though there were quite a few Match Games this is the funniest considering the 70s was quite an acward period (so wws the 60s when the original match game aired). Frankly some things are so in-your-face perverted I am not sure NBC would be able to air this currently without a TV-14 logo and a viewer discression is advised sign at the beggining of the show.
    Hey! You gota love the classics!
  • What a BLANK of laughs!

    Gene Rayburn. Brett Somers. Charles Nelson Reilly. Richard Dawson. And many others like Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Patti Deutsch, Bert Convy, Orson Bean, Gary Burghoff - it is THE comedy game show. If only some moron at CBS hadn't fiddled around with MG's time slot, we'd be watching an 80-year-old Charles Nelson Reilly henpeck Brett Somers. Quite possibly... no. The Best Game Show Ever!!! It whould still be on today! Any other game is just a big honkin' pile of BLANK. I can't wait until someone manages to bring it back! For now... let us just sit back and BLANK.
  • Match Game was the best show ever,we all laughed so much, I would love to buy all the movies if they were ever available on DVD or VHS, I REALLY LOVE the show - Brett,Gene,Charles & Richard were a "Hard Act To Follow"

    Brett, Charles, Gene and Richard were so Honest & funny,They all were a "Hard Act To Follow" Nothing could make me laugh like the cast of M/G. I just wish we could purchase the episodes on DVD or VHS. I would like to see a marathon of Match Game on the w/end sometime. #1 Fan in NC
  • What ever happen that made it bad?

    I love watching the show on gsn every time it's on it so orginal! I'm so sad that it no longer on. They should remake it! It would be so good!
    I can just imagaine watching the funny game show with newer yet dumber celbs making fouls of themsleves! They should invite Jessica Simpson!
  • Best Game show on GSN

    I recently accquired the Game Show Channel no Adelphia. IT must have been an adition to the Free Channels package because I did not use to have GSN. Immediately I fell in love with the channel. I watched it all day and night and started to like more shows than other. My definite favortie was Match Game. The Old Celebrities were hilarious and the game was really fun to play along with. If I ahd my way they'd show Match game 2 hours a day around 4 Pm. That would be awesome.
  • I love Match game!

    I really did like this, even if it's over 33 years old! The concept of the game show was very simple. You just needed to match the answers of 6 celebs. Gene would read a sentence and there would be a blank for the celebs to write on a card and then the players had to guess one answer, which would be the "difinitive answer". The first time I watched it, I loved it. I can see it on GSN almost everyday. Overall, they should think about bringing this show back! Perhaps with all the celebs today. Now I must go to ___ .
  • Its a great show...

    It maybe before my time but its really a great show I've never seen a show like this. Its by far one of the funnist game shows not much to say about it but if you have the Game show Network or as people call it GSN its a must see!
  • match Game was __

    the best game show ever, I love the enteraction of the stars.. they concept of the game.. everyone was so funny, and soo drunk on the air..
    i wish they would remake it, but I am not sure that a new one would live up the the 70's version..
    I never miss it
  • Love this show! But went downhill after 1977!

    I loved this show as a kid and it is GSN\'s most popular show on the schedule. Gene Rayburn was the straight man but it was the panelist as the stars and the glue that kept the show together from 1973-1977. But it went downhil after Richard Dawson left on bad terms and to do Family Feud. And the sparkle wasn\'t there anymore. Sad but true.
  • This is a remake of "THE MATCH GAME" (NBC-TV: 1962-1969) and now on CBS-TV from 1973 to 1979.

    Since the 1st Edition is Smash, This is the New Edition of Mark Goodson-Bill Todman's Restaurant Game has changed into a new format called "The Star-Studded Big Money MATCH GAME 73." Once they have 6 contestants that divided into 2 teams on NBC-TV and now the show is back on Television but this time it's on CBS-TV. Now they've got 6 Stars all seated into a 2 tiered 3 seated Level Panel and the Contestants are 4 of them and now cut in 1/2 into 2. The Champion will be seated at the Red Circle and the Challenger will be seated at the Green Triangle to score 1 Match Point by answering 1 of 2 questions are fun in these 2 rounds but there's an ingredient on these questions..."X-Rated Comedy and that can be dangerous." Once 1 of 2 contestants win, The Champion will go to the Bonus Round to win Big Cash such as $5000 plus(+)$500 cash award (+)$100 for winning the game and that've been collected from the game board along with the big cash reward. Gene Rayburn is back to host the 2nd Edition of the Game and adding 6 Stars to the Panel Box are Michael Landon "The Now-Cancelled BONANZA", Vicki Lawrence of "THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW" now on Hiatus, Jack Klugman whom once married to Brett Somers as they co-stars on "Neil Simon's THE ODD COUPLE", Jo Ann Pflug whom was the voice of The Invisible Girl on "The Fantastic Four Show", Richard Dawson was Cpl. Peter Newkirk on "HOGAN'S HEROES" and also an Ding-A-Ling on "ROWAN and MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN" become a regular on the game show & finally Anita Gillette from last season's program "ME & THE CHIMP." Johnny Olsen whom already been announcer of Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Shows since "PLAY YOUR HUNCH" in 1958 has returned since the 1st Edition of the same name of the game show since 12/31/1962 and That's really going to be the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde of Game Shows for the latest edition.

    -Ben Hallums.
  • Match This!

    When it comes to my love for game shows, kitsch, flamboyance, and the 70s, nothing can beat Match Game. No other show I know mixes such class with such sleaze and such good natured humor with thinly veiled sexual puns. The antics of Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson keep me tuning in, as does the rest of the rotating panel (including hotties Patti Deutsch and Fannie, am I disturbed). Amazing show and definitely one of the best game shows ever. "Match Game" comes across as more entertaining because the cast is really more important than the game. The catiness between Brett and Fannie, Richard's unwavering answers, Bill Daily's cluelessness, all great "character" moments inside this uninteresting game. The celebrities make this show amazing.
  • This was the blank show on tv.

    Words cannot express how much I love this game show. Seriously, the panelists were the biggest hoot I've ever seen on a game show. All other game shows WISH they could have been this show. I remember when they used to do the New Year's shows and the would be all dressed up and like it was New Year's Eve and then they would change over the year to the next year. Brett and Charles were the best duo on television, IMO. Their interactions were some of the best I've seen. I always love it when Charles would put up his "Dumbest answer ever" or whatever card he would designate for Brett's weird answer. They tried to remake this show a few times and it didn't work mainly because of Gene Rayburn not being there and the panelists were all TV actors even I had never heard of. I LOVE this show and still watch it on GSN everyday!
  • All other game shows can blank on Gene Rayburn's blank...

    I was born in 1979. Admittedly, everything I've seen of Match Game has been thanks to the strident work of the Game Show Network kids and their constant re-running of Gene Rayburn's piece de resistance. Which probably makes me like Match Game more than Match Game honestly deserves to be liked.

    But if anyone is wondering why all the kids are coked up, wearing super-wide butterfly collars, and listening to sped'ed up Casablanca disco records in crazy rave club parties, it's because of Match Game. While less of a game show and more of a yell-at-your-TV-while-second-string-celebrities-get-drunk-and-smoke show, Match Game was a glorious peek at what the 70s *must* have been like. Which is to say, laid back, mildly tawdry, and most certainly pointless. But, you know, so what?

    The celebrities were inconsequential when this stuff originally aired, and twenty years later you have to Google them and do a good half-hour's research to understand the obscure, since-dead pop culture phonomenon that they blossomed from in the first place. It's part of the appeal.

    I know that any Match Game that I watch is a rerun. I know this because I know nothing on TV is ever being broadcast "live". I also know it because I know Gene Rayburn died six years ago (thanks IMDB!) But that doesn't keep me from yelling the super-obvious answer at the panicky midwestern high school teacher who doesn't know what to put in the Blank. Why do I do that? What the hell is wrong with me?

    Watching Match Game is like watching tapes of Johnny Carson fron the late 60s when he was wearing crazy pink neckerchiefs and everyone was drinking highballs and getting cigarette burns all over the couch. The structure of the format means nothing. This is all about a relaxed atmosphere where it's OK to get rowdy, because everything's in good fun.