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  • Ridiculous game where the contestants are stupid, and the panel never fails to amuse.

    I used to watch this with my parents if we happened to change to it on the weekend on GSN. It's a funny show, reminding me of Hollywood Squares. The panel are all very queer and eccentric, throwing inside jokes and unintelligibles back and forth. The contestants usually aren't extremely bright, probably the previous generation to those who would later appear on "Deal or No Deal." Along with the original "Family Feud," I always find something funny, even if it is the sheer nonsense that is displayed by everyone on stage. A nice break from their rigorous acting careers I'm sure.
  • Great show until Dawson left!

    I think that the show was great and that I
    Loved it when all the panelists and Gene Rayburn made
    The show what it was. When Richard Dawson left on bad
    Terms due to his ego being out of control since he
    Was now popular on Family Feud, the show suffered a lot.
    But still, loved those days and sometimes the contestants would have to play the straight man or woman to the stars!
  • the match game has some good music!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the match game's music at the begining and that's just about it. BUt, I do like to watch it as a show on tv that i watch usually that i watch on i am just going to put letters to fill word space. pop pop were were were wer
  • Funny show, good and funny.

    They talked a little dirty, but in a way it could be said on 1970's tv. A good cast of stars by the way. It's a shame the show is still not on as new shows. the new game shows of today just suck. And can't hold a candle to old one like match game and press your luck.
  • This is my personal favorite game show and without a doubt, a classic.

    Who doesn't love Richard Dawson??? (also known as the kissing host on Family Feud)(who by the way can kiss me anyday). This brilliant, brilliant man, along with the two other regulars, Brett Sommers, and Charles Nelson Reilly worked great together. This game show can be quite amusing hearing what the celebrity panel or the host Gene Rayburn had to say. Betty White and/or Fannie Flag came up with the most ridiculous answers, you had to love them. I personally love how Brett and Charles argued back and forth. Or how Brett would need serveral cards to come up with her answers. Or how she wanted to kill the buzzer guy. Great game show :o)
  • One of the best game shows ever in the history of game shows!

    If you just want to sit back, relax and watch a game show, late at night? You need to watch this show! A kick off of the original Match Game, this is so funny! They can ask a lot of funny questions. Gene Rayburn makes this show absoultly fabulous and was definately made for it! If you have never watched, what are you waiting for!

    FACTOID: To those who don't know, one time actress Kirstie Alley was on here! At the time she I think had been out of collage for only a couple of years and was an interior designer.
  • My favorite game show of all time.

    I can\'t express how much I loved and still love this show. I seem to watch it on GSN everyday and can\'t get enough. I love this and Match Game that aired in the daytime equally. The panelists were a hoot and Gene Rayburn was so stylin\' in his polysester suits. ;) Even the constestants are hysterical in the answers they gave. The interaction between Charles and Brett were some of the best I\'ve seen on TV, even on sitcoms. I never got to see this show as it originally aired since I wasn\'t born until the 1980\'s, but enjoy it just the same.
  • Great show!

    In my opinion, any version of the Match Game show is absolutely great. I love watching the re-runs, trying to guess what the panel will say. It is always such fun to watch, and I always seem to have a smile on my face after I am done watching it. I am so glad GSN continues to show Match Game!!
  • The Star-Studded, Big Money Match Game, but with bigger payoffs!

    "Match Game PM" was basically the same as "Match Game 7X", except it was weekly, usually shown evenings, and featured two new contestants each week with the panel of celebrities, usually parallel to the panel on the CBS daytime version. The thing I like about the PM version was the bigger payoffs, with two audience matches making it possible to win as much as $10,000 in the Head-to-Head match ($20,000 after the Star Wheel was installed). Strangely enough, the most recent "Match Game", which was syndicated, had only $5000 as a top prize! That's a far cry from the $20,000.

    Now, I don't know why many people (at least on this site) prefer the daytime version to this version; they just don't understand. This version is one of the most underrated shows to have aired on TV (underrated, that is, at least according to the reviews on this site). And every week could've used a night's worth of _____. Gene Rayburn sure knew what he was doing, and this version is probably my favorite version of his "Match Game", because everyone likes to see big payoffs.
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