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  • Legendary

    Match of the Day is a classic saturday night watch.

    Theres nothing better than sitting down with a nice drink and watching the days action and shouting at the tv over controversial moments and calling the ref up on any mistake no matter how small it is.

    In its current formation Lineker is solid as the anchor, injecting his usual charm into proceedings, no matter how bad his jokes may be, he holds the fort well. Hansen is the best pundit, doesn't mix his words, says what he thinks and tells it like it is. Lawro is an odd one, doesn't say much and when he does its usually something weird but MOTD wouldn't bet he same without him. Shearer is new and is pretty dull at times but given time I expect him to improve.

    It might have its faults, but compared to ITV's incredibly poor sports coverage and having to pay for Sky, this is the best there is by far.
  • It's 8.5 for the love of Football... but the BBC have let the licence fee payer down with this show!!

    OK so if it was a review... that says, what show cant I wait to see its Match of The Day to catch my love of the week football... But really its a big let down... the highlights are so short, the show is just about an hour long and you'd think with 4 channels and a red button for Interactive the BBC could offer us football lovers some more for our £135 per year licence fee?? And if the highlights are short, jaysus the analysis is brutal... Last week Alan Hansen slipped that he had put together an analysis and the producers had shelved it because the got "timings wrong"... I dont see how the BBC can offer so much coverage of repeats and boring period dramas and they cant give the huge numbers of football fans a decent highlights programme...

    And if thats not enough of a football boot in the teeth... whilst having great pundits on a saturday, devoid of time to offer their fascinating insights, come Sunday, when the BIG premiership showdowns are played... gone is Lineker, were shoved onto BBC2 and a former Business presenter of Working Lunch, clearly lacking the fitness of a football pitch... Is the anchorman from hell. What's wrong with the tons of former players and coaches out there to grace our weekly highlights?? You can hand any trained presenter an autocue and tell him to pretend he knows the in and outs of football, but wheres the respect for the beautiful game?? Ive seen better presenters on Setanta and at least they're not the only ones on screen laughing at their own jokes.

    The sad truth is, a show that is without doubt a classic in Sporting Television has been totally neglected by the BBC and without any understandable reasoning behind their apparent marginalisation of the millions of dedicated fans. You'd almost wonder if Sky's given them a backhander tp alienate us enough to swap to Sky Sports?? It's a big shame...
  • Good show.

    For me I prefer Match of the day to the premiership because it shows more of the games. For example on the premiership they would star of with Man utd then Arsenal the Liverpool and so on so by the time you get to lets say Portsmouth they'll only show the goals from the game. But on Match of the day they show an equal amount of every game. Also they have Match of the on Sundays which is another up side. The down side is that its on at twenty past ten which is pretty late for me. Tune in.
  • Football coverage with gary linker , mark lawenson alan hansen

    Football highlights from the day, amazinf if your a football fan, ifyour no dont even bother you fool! , brillian in my eyes and shoul never have bn axed 4 years ago, brilllian it has come back!, everybodis favourite footy show, COME ON LIVERPOOL!, BBC 1 at usuualy half past ten during the footy season august till may.
  • A British Pastime

    MOTD is a British Pastime. For me what is better then watching The best bits of Football with intelligent commentaries rather than ITVs 2 seconds of commentary.

    I love nothing better than sitting back with a large glass of coke, a few mates a sitting around watching Britians greats compete at the best sport in the world be played by the greatest sportsman in the world.

    Gary Linekar and CO give really good commentaries, it is very detailed and analyses the tactics, the problems of them. Which players played the match well and which ones did not.
    Overall it is what makes the BBC great.
  • It is what it is and its very good at it

    Im a huge fan of the show ever since i started follwoing football at around the age of 7 years old and it was pretty much the only place to get the highlights then. It lost the rights for premiership matches a few years ago and duringthat time it just proved how good this programme was 'The premiership' even though wasnt bad it was still lacking that something special which this show has in abundance and a plus for me is no ad breaks.
    The presenter and pundits know what they are talking about and they are not afraid to speak there mind and a lot of the time they are right. They also have a lot of talented commentators that make watching the games very enjoyable and also imformative.
    The one thing i really like about this show over others is the unbias from the poeple involved not just commentators but also the pundits and presenters and that cant be said for others.
    Its a must watch every saturday after following my team Liverpool.
  • Match of the Day, is the perfect way to summarise all the weekends premiership football.

    I love watching this show, every Saturday and Sunday I make sure that I’m free at the right time to tune in. If you love football then you must surely love this show.

    I like how they use legends of the game to talk about it. Its great how Alan Hanson will always seem to disagree with Alan Shearer Ian Wright and co, but there analysis is perfect. Match of the day 2 on Sunday is another chance to see the weekend’s action and includes great feature that gives you the chance to see all the funny moments of the weekend as well. Even when your team looses Match of the day is a good watch.
  • This show isn't about bells and whistles, just like Ronseal "it does exactly what it says on the tin" and that is bring you the latest footballing action from the weekends Premiership games.

    This show isn't about bells and whistles, just like Ronseal "it does exactly what it says on the tin" and that is bring you the latest footballing action from the weekends Premiership games.

    I've always been a big fan of the show and was pleased to see it make a return, while i liked what ITV were doing with 'The Premiership' it just didn't have that quirky charm that Gary and the gang seem to possess. Their sarcasm knows no bounds and they're not affraid to unleash it on any manager, referee or player that stands in their path.

    Their BBC commentators are also amongst the best around and make watching the games not only more enjoyable but more informative aswell. They're also superb at playing the part of the neutral, unlike certain members of the Sky team who at times are literally crying out for their team to win.

    I never fail to do two thing's of a Saturday. The first is the matter of following my team religiously and the second is reliving all of the days matches in the same light-hearted fashion we've come to know and love.
  • A review of why i like 'Match of the Day'!

    This is the best show if want to watch highlights of any of the weekends premiership games.

    I like this show the best because it only shows the highlights/best bits of the matches, unlike some of the other shows that show most of the game which includes alot of the boring stuff. Now, i'm not saying that's bad, if you want to see most of the match that's up to you, but for me i just want to see the goals and the other major chances and incidents in the game.

    If you are like me and you like your football and don't want to waste your time watching the boring bits 'Match of the Day' is the show for you!!!
  • top class show.all the highlights you need on a saturday evening.perfact reviews of all the games and no biest opinans.and they even throw in a little joke or 2 which somethings can b quite the hook presenters who know wot there talking about ev

    one of the best shows it doesnt hav any breaks gd highlights of every premirship game with commertry. gary linacar knos what his talkin bout plus wot else could u do on a saturday they no chelsea gunna win the leauge get in der u blues chamions champions
  • A good show that people need to fill in gaps.

    Gary Linekar provides a great host for this show. The show is a useful source of information and is widley watched all over England. As it is the only real show on a watchable time. With all the big matches on and all your favourite teams it goes on well showing you highlights. Although the show has gone on for a very long time and lost some viewers it is still as good as ever and younger supporters will still tune in to watch there favourite teams compete. I think this a is a great show that will continue as long as football goes on