Match of the Day

BBC Premiered Aug 01, 1964 In Season





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  • Legendary

    Match of the Day is a classic saturday night watch.

    Theres nothing better than sitting down with a nice drink and watching the days action and shouting at the tv over controversial moments and calling the ref up on any mistake no matter how small it is.

    In its current formation Lineker is solid as the anchor, injecting his usual charm into proceedings, no matter how bad his jokes may be, he holds the fort well. Hansen is the best pundit, doesn't mix his words, says what he thinks and tells it like it is. Lawro is an odd one, doesn't say much and when he does its usually something weird but MOTD wouldn't bet he same without him. Shearer is new and is pretty dull at times but given time I expect him to improve.

    It might have its faults, but compared to ITV's incredibly poor sports coverage and having to pay for Sky, this is the best there is by far.