Match of the Day

BBC Premiered Aug 01, 1964 In Season





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  • It's 8.5 for the love of Football... but the BBC have let the licence fee payer down with this show!!

    OK so if it was a review... that says, what show cant I wait to see its Match of The Day to catch my love of the week football... But really its a big let down... the highlights are so short, the show is just about an hour long and you'd think with 4 channels and a red button for Interactive the BBC could offer us football lovers some more for our £135 per year licence fee?? And if the highlights are short, jaysus the analysis is brutal... Last week Alan Hansen slipped that he had put together an analysis and the producers had shelved it because the got "timings wrong"... I dont see how the BBC can offer so much coverage of repeats and boring period dramas and they cant give the huge numbers of football fans a decent highlights programme...

    And if thats not enough of a football boot in the teeth... whilst having great pundits on a saturday, devoid of time to offer their fascinating insights, come Sunday, when the BIG premiership showdowns are played... gone is Lineker, were shoved onto BBC2 and a former Business presenter of Working Lunch, clearly lacking the fitness of a football pitch... Is the anchorman from hell. What's wrong with the tons of former players and coaches out there to grace our weekly highlights?? You can hand any trained presenter an autocue and tell him to pretend he knows the in and outs of football, but wheres the respect for the beautiful game?? Ive seen better presenters on Setanta and at least they're not the only ones on screen laughing at their own jokes.

    The sad truth is, a show that is without doubt a classic in Sporting Television has been totally neglected by the BBC and without any understandable reasoning behind their apparent marginalisation of the millions of dedicated fans. You'd almost wonder if Sky's given them a backhander tp alienate us enough to swap to Sky Sports?? It's a big shame...
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