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Math Patrol

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Math Patrol is a 1977 children's educational television series from director Clive VanderBurgh. The show was produced by TVOntario, a publicly funded Canadian television station, and consists of 20 episodes designed to teach basic mathematical skills to children between the ages of 8 and 10. Math topics covered in the show include subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, fractions, symmetry, length, geometry, shapes and area. The show follows the adventures of Sydney (John Kozak), a detective who works for a math problem solving organization called Math Patrol. In each 15-minute episode, Sydney is assigned a case by Math Patrol's unseen boss, a silhouetted figure known as Mr. Big. The cases require Sydney to go undercover dressed as a giant kangaroo and complete a task using mathematical deduction. As he works on each case, Sydney demonstrates primary school level math skills to the viewers. Other cast members include Jessica Booker, Carl Banas, Luba Goy and Nikki Tilroe.