Math Wise

PBS (ended 1981)


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Math Wise

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With the 1980s came new thrust at AIT, one of the instructional-television leaders. AIT began the decade with the Secondary Schools Education Television Project. Math Wise was the second half of that project: a mathematics-in-the-real-world series. Each program began with host Stephanie Edwards (a famed Los Angeles TV personality) presenting mathematics in real-life occupations. That sequence only lasted about two minutes. For the rest of the show, a (usually humorous) scene played itself out, showing secondary-school-age children putting mathematical concepts to good use for the problems they faced. Math Wise was divided into four concepts: measuring, comparing, locating/interpreting, and predicting. To cover these concepts, four locations were chosen: a farm, a marina, a small town, and a city. Frequently characters from each setting would cross over into the another setting, so as to reinforce the idea that all these mathematical concepts coalesce. Math Wise was produced for AIT by The Thom Eberhardt Company in the facilities of KOCE, Huntington Beach, California.moreless