Math Works

PBS (ended 1986)


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Math Works

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Math Works is an educational show from the American Public Broadcasting System that dramatizes math subjects for children to understand. In every episode, a short drama begins with children in a dilemma, needing some quick answers to hard questions. Cameras then cut to the classroom where Math Work's host, educator John Robbins, helps out the kids by giving them a short lesson. The drama returns after the children put Robbins' lesson into action, which usually turns out well for the youngsters. In one episode, the show opens with a group of kids looking for a place to play softball, after breaking a few windows. They find an abandon field, but soon get frustrated after the mayor closes it to build a parking lot. Two of the children (John Jaap and Lacy Turner) meet with the mayor (Carol Lambert) and her scary assistant (Rudy Mancke). The meeting ends with the mayor asking the children for some statistics to prove their points. Robbins then pops in to explain the concept of probabilities and analyzing data. The lesson proves valuable after the children meet for the second time with the mayor with numbers to back up their ideas.