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Mathnet is a mystery serial that is a parody of Dragnet, produced by Janette Webb, the widow of Dragnet's producer Jack Webb. Each five-part story, which ran Monday through Friday as part of the PBS program Square One TV, featured crime-solving by a pair of police detectives in a special mathematics unit. The first two seasons took place in Los Angeles and featured Sergeant Kate Monday and Officer George Frankly, assisted by Debbie Williams and Chief Thad Green. In season 3, the show moved to New York City, and the secondary characters were cab driver and undercover NYPD officer Benny Pill and Captain Joe Greco. One season later, Kate Monday was replaced by Pat Tuesday.

As the introduction says, "The story you are about to see is a fib, but it's short. The names are made up, but the problems are real."

In addition to airing in serial form to conclude each episode of Square One TV, several of the mysteries were compiled and aired as standalone specials, and two were eventually released as VHS tapes.

Joe Howard

Joe Howard

Officer George Frankly

Beverly Leech

Beverly Leech

Sergeant Kate Monday

Toni DiBuono

Toni DiBuono

Sergeant Pat Tuesday

Emilio Del Pozo

Emilio Del Pozo

Captain Joe Greco

Bari K. Willerford

Bari K. Willerford

Officer Benjamin "Benny" Pill

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  • Mathnet!

    I loved watching this series, which was part of the PBS TV show, Square one TV, when I was a little kid. My favorite Mathnet episode has to be The Case of the Masked Avenger where George and Kate are asked to help a professional wrestler named the Masked avenger who's being blackmailed by a group of gamblers called the Mob. Later on, when the Mob kidnaps the avenger, George has to take his place in the ring. Anyway, let me just say, I am glad most of the Mathnet episodes are on youtube.moreless
  • Math to the extreme!

    Hands down one of the best shows ever made. Some might think that I'm going to far in my love for this show. Sure, it's all about math and what it does, but it is a great show. Humor is everywhere to be saw.

    The beggining statement, always and still funny. The cases were ok, not the best, but were good enough to pull the show along. Every case was solved by math, but in a fun way. I've saw every episode I could, having them on tape handy. I still think this show should be brought back, more modern age. If it is, I will love it forever. I would watch every episode, just to quote it every day I wanted to.moreless
  • It was a good show

    I looked forward to this segment on the Phred on Your Head Show on Noggin. My favorite one was when the actress pretended to be kidnapped and framed another actress. But the actress she framed was Kate's friend so Kate and George would stop at nothing to clear her name and arrest the actress on stage and in song.

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