Mathnet - Season 3

PBS (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Case of the Masked Avenger

    When a professional wrestler called the Masked Avenger goes missing, his daughter Terri turns to Mathnet for help, and George has to take his place in the big match.

  • The Case of the Strategic Weather Initiative

    Nerdy Spiro Gearloose claims to have created an airplane that can control the weather, and now someone is trying to hijack it. But is the machine real, or is it just hot air?

  • The Case of the Unkidnapping

    Broadway star Lauren Bacchanal is kidnapped and the evidence points to her understudy, Eve Adams, an old college friend of Kate's.

  • The Case of the Parking Meter Massacre

    The Mathnetters are in a race to catch two thieves in separate cases involving coins, one who is vandalizing parking meters and another who robbed George's apartment of his laundry money.

  • The Case of the Swami Scam

    Kate and George have just moved in to the Mathnet division at NYPD, meeting Captain Joe Greco, Sgt. Abruzzi, and a new ally, cabdriver Benny Pill. As they are fresh off "The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake," Kate and George are well-prepared to hear about another prognosticator. This guy worked long hours to swindle five prominent city lawyers out of a few thousand bucks by predicting the results of a horse race.

  • The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake

    For some time, a "prognosticator" named Sybil Divine has been exposing her apparent ability to predict earthquakes. She intends to extort money from L.A. Mayor Quail [sic] with her big scam. Everyone in town is convinced she can predict the big quake that will rock Southern California within the next half-century. Assistant Chief Rosa Morales knows better, as do Kate and George. They must prove it.