Season 4 Episode 4

The Case of the Galling Stones

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Oct 21, 1991 on PBS
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The Case of the Galling Stones

Pat Tuesday is accused of stealing Hester Phestor's dodecahedron bracelet and the Bile Emerald.

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    Joe Howard

    Joe Howard

    George Frankly

    Toni DiBuono

    Toni DiBuono

    Pat Tuesday (Season 4 - Season 5)

    Emilio Del Pozo

    Emilio Del Pozo

    Captain Joe Greco

    Bari K. Willerford

    Bari K. Willerford

    Benny Pill

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      • George: You said you might have some interesting information about jewels.
        Louie: Then it must be true. I'm not a kid who guys around about jewels. (reacts) I mean, I am not a guy who kids around about jewels. (shows George an emerald)
        George: What's this? A valuable emerald?
        Louie: To the naked eye, one would think so. Oh. Sorry, Miss Tuesday. I didn't mean to talk smutty. (slaps his hand)
        Pat: Uh-huh.

      • (Hester Phestor and Mad Dog enter the office)
        Phestor: I am Mrs. Phestor.
        George: Hester?
        Captain Greco: I hope we haven't troubled you.
        Phestor: You have troubled me.
        Mad Dog: And she don't like to be troubled, neither.
        Captain Greco: And you are?
        Phestor: This is my associate, Marion Fist.
        Mad Dog: Just call me Mad Dog.
        George: Bad Dog?
        Mad Dog and Phestor: MAD!!
        George: Bad dog, Mad Dog!

      • Phestor: They have pushed the trial forward to accomodate me. I must return to my people for a mandated celebration.
        George: A mandated celebration, Mrs. Phestor? What is it? A public hanging?
        Phestor: Who are you?
        George: George Frankly, Mathnet.
        Mad Dog: You want I should hurt him for a long time, boss?
        Captain Greco: That would be a bad idea, Mad Dog. We don't do things like that in this country.
        Mad Dog: Too bad. Saves a lotta time.
        Phestor: We'll see you in court. Come, Marion.
        (she and Mad Dog head out the door)
        George: When you bring him in court, don't forget his leash.
        (Mad Dog growls lividly and shuts the door)

      • Prosecutor: Mr. Middlemun, you were present last Saturday when Mrs. Phestor visited your store. Were you not?
        Middlemun: I was.
        Prosecutor: And did you note that she was wearing a bracelet when she entered?
        Middlemun: No, madam. The first I heard of her bracelet was when Pat, Miss Tuesday, left my salon.
        Prosecutor: Tell the court what happened.
        Middlemun: Miss Tuesday was just leaving when Mrs. Phestor entered. They bumped into each other. Then I began to show some emeralds to Mrs. Phestor, and suddenly, she screamed.
        Prosecutor: She screamed?
        Middlemun: Mm-hmm. You know-- (screams loudly)
        Judge Kidneybean: THERE WILL BE NO HOLLERING!! (bangs his gavel) Stop that!
        Middlemun: Sorry.

      • George: This is the bracelet you say was stolen from you last Saturday, Mrs. Got-Rocks?
        Phestor: It's Phestor, you insolent dunderhead!

      • Captain Greco: (narrates) It is Monday, 6:43am, and school children throughout New York were playing the new schoolyard game: Brooklyn Bridge is Falling Down. Falling down. Falling down. As were the Manhattan, the GW, and the Tri-Boro. I was commanding the day watch out of Mathnet. If I sound a little nervous, it's because I'm Joe Greco. I'm not used to doing voiceovers. Pat Tuesday usually does them. But I had a task to perform. A difficult task.

      • Announcer: (during Phestor and Mad Dog's mugshot) Hester Phestor and Marion "Mad Dog" Fist were convicted of a 155.45: Grand larceny, a 240.35: Loitering, and a 170.45: Criminal simulation. They are currently in an upstate prison in Stride Rite, New York, where they are busy making shoes.

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