Season 3 Episode 6

The Case of the Masked Avenger

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Feb 19, 1990 on PBS
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The Case of the Masked Avenger

When a professional wrestler called the Masked Avenger goes missing, his daughter Terri turns to Mathnet for help, and George has to take his place in the big match.

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    Tom Billet

    Tom Billet

    The Masked Avenger

    Guest Star

    Lara Jill Miller

    Lara Jill Miller


    Guest Star

    Al Lewis

    Al Lewis

    (1987) - Ring Announcer

    Guest Star

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      • Benny: (about the Masked Avenger) He's rough and tough and hard to bluff,
        and 10 opponents aren't half enough!

      • George: (before the final round) Where's Kate? Where's the Avenger? Where's my mommy?!

      • Avenger: When I first started in the fight game, I wrestled under another name.
        George: What was it?
        Avenger: Puddin' Tame.
        George: I know that one. Ask me another, and I'll tell you the same. (laughs)
        Avenger: On March 13th, 1968, there was this fight. My opponent, the Flying Hun, he died.
        Kate: You killed a man?
        Avenger: No! He had a heart attack and collapsed after the fight. He never should've been in the ring!
        George: What do you mean?
        Avenger: There was a hearing. It turned out he had a history of heart problems and forged his medical records. Nevertheless, fighters, press, the public-- Everyone named me Killer Puddin'.
        Kate: So Killer Puddin' quit the business?
        Avenger: That's right. I stopped fighting for a year, but I realized that the game was in my blood. I had to wrestle. It's my life!
        George: So you made a comeback?
        Avenger: Yes. As the man millions know and love today as... the Masked Avenger!!

      • Kate: Can we make it by noon, Benny?
        Benny: We could if these people would get off my streets. MOVE OVER, YOU ROAD HOGS!
        George: Is that the kinda language a substitute teacher uses, Benny?!
        Benny: I'm on a break!

      • (after Dr. Snooze and the Mob are arrested)
        Kate: Are you okay, George?
        George: I never felt better. Except for the pain. (faints)

      • Announcer: (during Dr. Snooze and the Mob's mugshot) The Mob and Dr. Snooze were tried in Manhattan, in and for the city of New York, and convicted of a 135.20: Kidnapping in the second degree, a 135.25: Dognapping in the first degree, and a 180.40: Sports bribing, for a total of 450 and 85/100. They were put away for a number of years where they could no longer interfere with wrestling, a swell sport.

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