Season 3 Episode 3

The Case of the Parking Meter Massacre

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jan 29, 1990 on PBS
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The Case of the Parking Meter Massacre

The Mathnetters are in a race to catch two thieves in separate cases involving coins, one who is vandalizing parking meters and another who robbed George's apartment of his laundry money.

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    Joe Howard

    Joe Howard

    George Frankly

    Toni DiBuono

    Toni DiBuono

    Pat Tuesday (Season 4 - Season 5)

    Mary Watson

    Mary Watson

    Debbie Williams (Season 2 - Mid Season 3)

    Beverly Leach

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    Kate Monday (Season 1 - Season 3)

    Barry Wallingford

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    Benny Pill (Season 3 - Season 5)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The NY penal codes for the "bad things" Barney Oldmeal was convicted of are as follows:
        140.20: Burglary in the third degree
        155.30: Grand larceny in the fourth degree
        165.45: Criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Announcer: (during Pickwick's mugshot) Peter Pickwick was tried in Manhattan, in and for the city of New York, and convicted of a 155.40: Grand larceny in the 2nd degree, and a 165.52: Criminal possession of stolen property. (cut to Oldmeal's mugshot) Barney Oldmeal was tried and convicted of a 140.20, a 155.30, and a 165.45: Doing bad things. Both were put away from society and parking meters for a good, long time, making automobile parking a safer thing to do for all New Yorkers.

      • Pickwick: Same number again, Mr. Moose?
        Mr. Moose: Yes, Peter. 86.
        Pickwick: 86 it is! 86 it is!

      • Premium: Say, while I'm in the neighborhood, I wonder if I may make so bold as to ask if you'd like a $100,000 whole life?
        George: Goodbye, Mr. Premium!
        Premium: Perhaps some other time. (leaves)

      • Benny: See what my Jets done to your La-La Rams yesterday, George?
        George: They were just lucky.
        Kate: What was the score?
        Benny: 55-3. Some luck. (laughs like George)
        George: You're not a very gracious winner, Benny.
        Benny: I take no prisoners.

      • (just as Oldmeal is about to chop the parking meter and kill Kate with his ax, George and Benny jump in; George angrily points his calculator at Oldmeal)
        George: Mathematicians! Freeze!
        Benny: (grabs the ax) I'll take that, buddy!
        Oldmeal: Hey! You guys can't do that! You're mathematicians! I know my rights!
        Benny: Yes, I can! (flashes his badge) I'm a cop. I'm gonna read you your rights.

      • George: By the way, Fred, what kinda guy is George Steinbrenner?
        Fred: Aw, George is a...!
        (the rest of his reply is drowned by the sound of loud cars)
        George: I heard that about him.

      • Kate: Good evening, Mr. Pickwick.
        Pickwick: You must be wondering what all these parking meters are doing here. Doing here.
        George: No. We have a pretty good idea what they're doing here, Mr. Pickwick.
        Pickwick: I was babysitting them, for a friend. A friend.
        Kate: I don't think so, Mr. Pickwick. Are these your chainsaws?
        Pickwick: No! All I know about chainsaws is what I see in the movies.
        George: Mr. Pickwick, mind if I have a look at your hands?
        Pickwick: Well, I...
        George: (looks at Pickwick's hands) Earlier in the day, I noticed you have an unusual set of calluses. Calluses which can be caused by excessive chainsaw use.
        Pickwick: Okay, you've got me. Got me.
        Kate: Why did you do it, Peter? Did you really make that much money from the change in the meters?
        Pickwick: Hey, 10 pounds of quarters here, 20 pounds of dimes there. Pretty soon, you're talkin' big money! Almost $20,000. Plus...
        George, Kate, and Benny: Yes?
        Pickwick: I was about to start a mail-order used parking meter company, and sell to small municipalities that can't afford new ones. What do you think I can get? Think I can get?
        George and Kate: 10-20. 10-20.
        (Benny takes Pickwick away)

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