Season 4 Episode 6

The Case of the Purloined Policies

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Nov 04, 1991 on PBS
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The Case of the Purloined Policies
While helping a journalism student of Benny's, the Mathnetters uncover an insurance scam by someone at Meglopolitan Insurance involving claims for stolen cars.

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  • Definitely a tense, yet funny episode!

    I consider this episode among my favorites, with John Moschitta, Jr., the world's fastest talker (according to Guinness) as the culprit: "Yours truly," Johnny Dollar (of course, I didn't quite get much of his "Tolouse Lautrec" joke in the Tuesday show). This episode taught me a lot about insurance policies (auto insurance, bike insurance, life insurance, etc.). I even learned about double-indemnity. One of my favorite parts of the episode was during the Friday show, when while George, Benny, and Stanley were searching Dollar's apartment, George was narrating, but mentioned that Pat was more used to doing voice-overs than he is. But I heard somewhere this wasn't the first time George did any narration in Mathnet. And I kinda liked that running gag about George's darts, him denying a 3rd dart, even though he accidentally threw the 3rd dart out the window (and it landed in a tire in Stanley's bicycle before it was stolen). I also liked the scene in the Wednesday show when Pat and George repeatedly denied Casper Floosh's offers for any insurance policies.

    Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars.moreless

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    • Pat: I killed Johnny Dollar.

    • (George sneezes)
      Johnny: That's a terribly impolite way to get some attention.
      George: Sorry, but, boy, the only thing that makes me sneeze like that is a cat.
      Johnny: (points to his cat in the back seat) Oh, that's Sheeba, right there in the back seat. Sheeba goes everywhere with yours truly, Johnny Dollar. Don't you, Sheeba?
      (Sheeba meows; George sneezes again)
      Johnny: Would you at least point away from the dash?!

    • Captain Greco: I hate automobile accidents. They're almost always avoidable.
      George: That's right, Captain. You think there's any chance he could've survived?
      Captain Greco: See the car? See the river?
      Benny: That's one mean river.
      Captain Greco: Especially during a storm. No way, George.
      George: Johnny Dollar may have been a crook, but nobody deserves that.

    • (Stanley darts into the office)
      Stanley: Miss Tuesday, Mr. Frankly, something awful has happened!
      Pat: Are you all right?!
      Stanley: I am, but...
      George: But what?
      Stanley: My bike isn't.
      Pat: What's the matter with your bike?
      Stanley: (extracts broken bike chains) It's been stolen!

    • Pat: You have a good weekend?
      George: No, thanks. Just had one. (laughs) That's just a joke, Pat. Sure. Martha and I, we had a dilly. Friday, we took in a concert. Eddie Murphy & the Rockettes. Saturday, we went to a benefit at the Gershwin.
      Pat: Benefit?
      George: Uh-huh. A save-the-urban-skunk drive.
      Pat: Uh-huh.
      George: And last night, Martha went to a bridge lesson.
      Pat: Martha's learning to play Bridge?
      George: No. Build 'em. How 'bout you, Pat? How 'bout your time off? What'd you do?
      Pat: Laundry.
      George: Again?
      Pat: It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

    • Benny: I feel sorry for Stanley. That bike is never going to work.
      George: Probably not.
      Pat: But you can't tell. He may get it off the ground after all.
      George: He'll have better luck getting it off the ground than he will riding it onthe ground.
      Benny: And remember, maybe the police will find his bike. It's not impossible, you know.
      George: Not impossible, but not very probable. There are more than 150,000 bikes in Manhattan, Benny.
      Pat: And stolen bikes aren't up on top of the priority list.
      Benny: Okay. You tell him. You guys break the kid's heart!
      George: Come on. We're just being realistic, Benny.

    • Announcer: (during Johnny's mugshot) Johnny Dollar was found guilty of a 313.45: Insurance fraud, a 453.13: Fraudulent insurance, and a 343.34: Accurate portrayal of some insurance persons. He was sent to an institution, where he was recently made a member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

    • (Pat and George notice that Johnny Dollar's mother is actually Johnny himself in a drag)
      George: Why, it's...!
      Pat: Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.
      George: BENNY!
      Johnny: Look! I'm the first to say I'm not a particularly nice guy, but you gotta admit, it was a prize-winning scheme!
      Pat: Yes, it was. And I'd guess your prize to be about 25 years in the federal pen.
      George: Johnny, I got a couple of questions.
      Johnny: Not now, George! I'm goin' to jail!
      (Benny takes him away)
      Johnny: Ta-ta!

    • Floosh: Now, then, what kind of insurance would you like you buy from me? Fire insurance?
      Pat: No.
      Floosh: Auto insurance?
      George: No.
      Floosh: High winds?
      Pat: No.
      Floosh: Low winds?
      George: No.
      Floosh: No winds?
      Pat: No.
      Floosh: Flood?
      George: No.
      Floosh: Draught?
      Pat: No.
      Floosh: Flood or draught?
      George and Pat: No.
      Floosh: Gee, that's about all I sell.

    • George: (looks at the chart of auto thefts in New York) Thefts of cars insured by Meglopolitan are up more than double.
      Johnny: Yes. Well, let me give you a little more background material, George. Last year, 132,237 cars were stolen in Greater New York. That's 2,543 per week, or 362 per day, or 15 every hour, or...
      George and Johnny: One car every 4 minutes!
      George: On average.

    • George: (narrates) We searched Johnny Dollar's apartment house, a tidy little set of rooms in Midtown. To say we were surprised at what we found in Johnny Dollar's pad would be an understatement. We expected some bank books, cancelled checks, insurance policies, license plates -- something. Instead, we found zilch. I'm sure Pat would've found something, because she's used to doing voice-overs, and I'm not.

    • George and Pat: (narrate in unison) We were on our way...
      George: I'm sorry. Go ahead, Pat.
      Pat: You wanna do it?
      George: No. You do it.
      Pat: (continues) We were on our way to Johnny's mother's apartment. She lived on the Upper West Side in an old brownstone.

    • Benny: I've seen happier looking groups at a funeral. What happened, George? The Dodgers lose again?

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