Season 3 Episode 2

The Case of the Swami Scam

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jan 22, 1990 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • (Benny points his gun at the Swami before he can escape)
      Benny: All right, Swami! Drop the gun!
      Swami: (drops his gun) Rats! The jig is up!
      (Benny slaps the cuffs on him)
      Kate: Benny, you're not supposed to have a gun.
      Benny: (flashes his badge) Benjamin Pill, NYPD. Undercover.
      (George and Kate are surprised)
      Kate: Benny, you're a cop?
      Benny: Yeah. I hope this doesn't mean you're gonna take me off your Christmas card list.
      George and Kate: Nope.
      Benny: Good. And don't forget, the cab meter's still running.
      George: Well, what's it up to now?
      Benny: About 7,000 and change. C'mon, Swami.
      Swami: I should've known. Get a little drunk with power,...
      Benny and the Swami: And you land in jail!