Season 3 Episode 4

The Case of the Unkidnapping

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Feb 05, 1990 on PBS
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The Case of the Unkidnapping

Broadway star Lauren Bacchanal is kidnapped and the evidence points to her understudy, Eve Adams, an old college friend of Kate's.

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    Sue Anne Gershenson

    Sue Anne Gershenson

    Eve Adams

    Guest Star

    Tammy Grimes

    Tammy Grimes

    Lauren Bacchanal

    Guest Star

    Arnold Stang

    Arnold Stang

    Pop Bespectakled

    Guest Star

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      • Kate: You have a nasty streak in you, George Frankly.
        George: Does it show? (laughs)

      • Kate: George, Eve has nothing to do with this kidnapping.
        Captain Greco: (enters the office) Don't be so sure, Kate. Or should I call you Katherine?
        Kate: You should call me Kate, "Jose".

      • Kate: What are you gonna do, Captain?
        Captain Greco: Nothing. Not until this evening's performance is over. Then...
        George and Kate: Yes?
        Captain Greco: I am going to have to arrest Eve Adams and put her where the sun don't shine.
        George and Kate: In jail?
        Captain Greco: In jail.

      • Announcer: (during Bacchanal's mugshot) Lauren Bacchanal was tried in Manhattan, in and for the city of New York, and found guilty of a 155.42 grand larceny in the first degree, and a 190.65 scheme to defraud in the first degree, and a 13.13 letting the air out of an actor's ego. She was sent to prison, where it was reported she was working on a new musical. Working title: Time On My Hands.

      • Kate, George, Eve, Benny, and Captain Greco: We truly hope we haven't spoiled the show.
        Kate: But there are things we'd like to know.
        George: If we may.
        : Question away!
        Kate: We'd like you please to just start rapping.
        George: About your ersatz kidnapping.
        Captain Greco: We've got her nailed!
        Benny: Her pallor has paled.
        Kate and George: You thought you could steal the bread.
        George: And blame Eve instead.
        Bacchanal: You're out of your head.
        Kate: Your career was dead.
        George: Now your face is red.
        Kate and George: No tears for you we'll shed,
        when you're under lock and key.
        George: You stole the dough and caused this flapping.
        Kate: You thought you could catch us napping.
        George: It didn't work.
        Bacchanal: (laughs) You know, you're a jerk. You're a jerk. You're a jerk.
        Captain Greco: You framed poor Eve and made her look so bad.
        George: Sent her to jail.
        Bacchanal: You craven cad!
        Kate: My, how you wax, ma'am.
        George: We just want the facts, ma'am.
        Kate: When money was owed,
        you sent us a code.
        George: We broke it. It showed
        that you had been stowed
        in some old abode.
        Kate: The seeds have been sowed.
        George: And so, Eve was nearly history.
        Eve: You cooked the books and billed the backers.
        Bacchanal: I think you've all gone crackers.
        Kate: No! We've got proof.
        George: You made a goof! (laughs)
        Benny: 'Cause we found out Eve had an alibi.
        Captain Greco: One that we had to rally by.
        Eve: Don't you know?
        I did your show.
        Bacchanal: The phone tapes?
        Kate and George: You made.
        Bacchanal: The ransom?
        Kate and George: Unpaid.
        Bacchanal: My necklace!
        Kate and George: Mislaid.
        Bacchanal: Kidnapping?
        Kate and George: Charade.
        The whole escapade.
        Eve: It's starting to fade, my dear.
        Kate, George, Benny, and Captain Greco: As you hold onto the bag.
        On Wednesday, Eve was not in Nyack.
        Bacchanal: Instead, she was doing my act.
        So, I confess.
        Captain Greco: You're under arrest!
        Benny: You have the right to remain silent.
        (he hands Bacchanal over to the other cops; the audience applauds)
        Eve: Now that I'm a shiny Broadway star,
        I'll send around my car.
        And if there's no crunch,...
        All: We'll have to do lunch!

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