Season 1 Episode 2

The Problem of the Missing Baseball

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Feb 02, 1987 on PBS



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    • (George and Kate look around the scene of the house theft)
      George: I don't think we missed anything, Kate.
      Kate: George, look at the trees.
      George: (looks at the trees) "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a..." (sees some trees without leaves) They're naked!

    • Kate: These kids lost a valuable baseball. We have reason to suspect it might be on your property. We'd like to search the grounds for information. Mind if we take a look around?
      Mrs. MacGregor: What would their baseball be doin' on my property when they play way over there?
      George: The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.
      Mrs. MacGregor: What?!
      George: Mathematics and physics.

    • Announcer: (during Sampson's mugshot) Clarence Sampson was arrested for filching the house, which he was made to return. And he was found guilty of baseball theft and sentenced to an appropriate number of years away from society.

    • George: (after Howie recovers his father's missing baseball) You're a lucky kid to have a real autograph from Babe Ruth.
      Howie: I'll say. A real baseball in a fake fireplace behind some fake logs, on top of some fake gold bricks.
      George: Fake gold bricks?
      Kate: Fake gold bricks?
      Sampson: Fake gold bricks?! So that's where he hid them.
      (George and Kate stare at him)
      Sampson: Uh-oh. All right. You got me. I stole the gold years ago. I spent some time in prison. That's all behind me now. So...
      Kate: So?
      Sampson: Can I go now?
      Kate: You're forgetting one thing, Sampson.
      Sampson: Yeah?
      Kate: We got you on a 484.
      Sampson: 484?
      Kate: Stealing a baseball.
      Howie: Why'd you steal my father's baseball, Mr. Sampson?
      Sampson: I didn't steal your father's baseball. I stole the house.
      George: Why did you steal the house?
      Sampson: It wasn't for sale, and I needed it.
      Kate: There are plenty of other houses in the Greater Los Angeles area. Why this one?
      Sampson: Well, it's like this. When I stole that gold, I had a partner. He got away, but also, he took the gold with him. And when I got out, I traced him here. He was living in this house when he got arrested for another crime. So, I knew he must've hidden the gold in this house.
      Kate: So you put the nab on the house to get the gold.
      Sampson: And it was here all the time. My partner built a fireplace out of gold bricks. Can you beat that? Should've known it, too.
      Kate: Oh?
      Sampson: He used to be a brick layer before he turned to a life of crime and corruption.
      George: Would you say that crime does not pay?
      Sampson: I sure would. Not the way I do it, anyway.

    • George: (on phone with Mrs. MacGregor) Hello, ma'am. This is George Frankly, Mathnet. Ma'am, when you went back into the house for your shopping list, did you close the door? (pause) You didn't?
      Ginny: If the ball was hit then...
      Kate: It must be in the house.
      George: Ma'am, we're coming back to see you. We have reason to believe the baseball's in your house. Mind if we look around?
      Mrs. MacGregor: Not really, but that's easier said than done.
      George: How's that, ma'am?
      Mrs. MacGregor: My house has been stolen.

    • George: We find the house, we got the ball.

  • Notes

    • This is the only Mathnet episode to feature Ginny Carlson, who would later (in production order) be replaced by Debbie Williams.

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