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    I was so happy watching it every morning for years. Now our local channel only shows it on Saturday mornings. What can be done to get it back on daily tv programming?

    SERIOUSLY WHAT CAN BE DONE??????????????????????
  • Please don't EVEEEER take this show off the air!

    looove this show!!! more air time pls!! u can take that dr quinn medicine off the air and replace with more matlock lol
  • matlock

  • A True Classic

    I enjoy the TV show Matlock. I'll admit, I only watched it because the Simpsons made fun of it a lot. But this show is a very good drama, the type of which you can't find on TV nowadays. I don't like how they would regularly go without the main characters in a lot of the episodes, but it's simplicity is something missed today. If you are a fan of good mystery dramas, you'll probably like Matlock. There is almost never recurring storylines to keep track of (except for the great two part episodes), but if you have free time to watch it and it is on a channel you can get, I suggest watching it for a good time.
  • Love Andy Griffith as an attorney Matlock.

    One of my favorite shows to watch on channel 16 at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    but someone took the show off my cable Comcast Channel 16???? How dare you... replace it with some stupid Cat and Dog Cartoon..... Comcast doesn't know what happened.
  • love "Matlock"

    I watch this old show every day, even tho they are all reruns,,, but I have a question I hope someone can answer for me, I know he has two daughters, (found out this by accident) one named Charlene, and one named LeeAnn, one of the other episodes he had a son, I could never catch his name, but he kept calling " Ben " dad, can anyone answer this for me?//
  • Sad Goodbye

    R.I.P. Mr. Griffith.You Will Be Missed!
  • Never gets OLD

    I just love this show. I watch it daily. I just canceled my Direct TV due to a recent upcoming deployment, but as long as I can get it on my laptop, I will not have any Matlock withdrawals. Thank you
  • Matlock - is my hero. I currently still watch and record Matlock daily on my TiVo at 9 & 10 EST on Channel 307. I would love to meet him in person. I have been a faithful watcher since I was a little girl. I have imagined him to be my husband.

    The thing I like most about Matlock is the fact that he is Matlock. I love the fits he throws. I love how he pouts when he can't have his way with his daughter or a case. I love his stubborn and determined attitude to win. I like how much he charged for his time because yes he was worth it. Yet he was humble enough to take case pro bono. I wish the show never goes off. This show has gone down in history with in my house.
  • Um...

    This show was very confusing and also very boring. I just never understood it. I mean in the sense of what's the point? I couldn't ever let myself watch an entire episode because it was so boring and uneventful. The acting was good, but it was just the storylines, plots, and action that was lacking. If there was positives, it was the acting. That basically saved the show from being rated any lower by me. I felt that it was decent stuff and they had some decent actors and actresses. But it was the rest that made this show a snooze. Thank you.
  • Grampa Simpson's favorite.

    Though "Perry Mason" is the better show, I'll always have a soft spot for old "Matlock." Played by Andy Griffith, this folksy sly fox of a lawyer was a great TV character and provided hours of solid (but predictable) courtroom mysteries.

    Like most older shows (including "Mason"), "Matlock" is formulaic. A murder is committed, the accused turns to Matlock and after 45 minutes or so of sleuthing, Matlock elicits a witness stand confession from the real guilty party. This ain't "Law & Order," nor is it supposed to be. It's an armchair detective series, anchored by the performance of Andy Griffith. While there were ups and downs with his supporting cast, Griffith was always terrific. Yeah, he's a coot and a codger at times, but he's supposed to be. Much like Columbo, he's a brilliant mind masked in rumpled clothes and a charming, addled demeanor. It's great to see him in action in court, and those final scenes, no matter how cliche and hackneyed they may have been, were always engaging.

    "Matlock" is no classic and it has its flaws, but for a solid detective show and to see some great acting from Griffith, you can't go wrong.
  • Matlock is a TV show that has helped my mother live with her Alzheimer's disease. She is able to focus on episodes when she is unable to talk. This is a request to locate VHS Matlock tapes for her.

    My mother has Alzheimer's Disease, and she loves to watch Matlock, but she can only operate a VCR-not a DVD player. I can't find her any VHS Matock tapes anywhere. I can't record off television for her, because commercials are a problem for her to fast forward through. Please! Does anyone know where I can buy a set of Matlock series on VHS tape? I would really love to buy many Matlock tapes for her at reasonable price. I didn't know where else to go to ask about this. I hope you don't mind me using this blog. Thanks so much.
  • If by "influential", you mean it influences the contents of my bowels to run south, then yes, Matlock is influential.

    Lawyers: imitation of the techniques portrayed in this series will result in your rapid disbarring. No court on earth will grant you the leeway that Matlock enjoys. The rampant speculation that he engages in is completely unrealistic. Rarely, if ever, are his arguments grounded by real evidence or testimony. (When they are, it is evidence that was overlooked by police, forensics, private investigators, etc... and conveniently found- and contaminated- by him.) On the bright side, from the show's standpoint, that one suit worn by Andy Griffith saves on the wardrobe budget. In the meantime, I find Matlock guilty of contempt- my contempt!
  • Matlock is a mystery show that generally culminates in the courtroom, where the title character, a Southern defense attorney, "sticks" it to the real killer. Andy Griffith, Julie Sommars, Nancy Stafford star, just to name a few.

    I began watching Matlock at its onset. When the reruns began, I was thrilled to be watching Matlock again. I NEVER fail to be entertained by Andy Griffith. His multi-dimensional character is so loveable and engaging. The interaction between his character and the other characters, particularly Julie March, is so personal, amusing, and sometimes very heartwarming, that it is impossible not to watch his every move. This show had plot, pace and continued character development, which is so important in keeping audience interest. Every character keeps my attention and I will continue to watch it over and over again!
  • This show is a personal favorite of mine, as I started watching it with my grandparents at a very young age. It is on constantly on the Hallmark channel in my area so catching reruns is not a problem thankfully. I can't say enough about this show.

    Being twenty years old, I still enjoy this show like theres no tomorrow. I started watching it many years ago, and have been catching up with reruns recently. Andy Griffith plays Ben Matlock, a Columbo-esque high priced lawyer who always seems to defend the innocent. Griffith plays Matlock to a tee, with a very witty, yet old school sense of humor that will offend no one, which is rare these days. Griffith also works well with all who surround him in this show, over the years there have been too many to list, mainly Conrad and Cliff. In Matlock, which is different from other series like this at the time, the culpret is not always who one would expect, which adds a nice twist every now and then. I would reccommend Matlock to anyone, as it does provide television that the whole entire family can enjoy.

    Gee! By golly! I wonder how long this show's been on TV!? Too long, I'd say! The only people I'd expect to see watching this junk would be old people of ages 60 and up. Of course, I know you should respect your elders, but who wants to watch old reruns of a show that's been off the air for so long, you'd think they had it on since the dinosaur's time! Definitely not my kind of show!
  • Flipping through the channels, I see what I believed to be a movie. I was automatically drawn in, yet slightly confused. When I found out it was a TV show, I was marveled because it had many movie qualities which can both help or hurt the show.

    Matlock is a pretty intersting show. The concept about an older man taking on cases and appealing in courts, is definitely a spin on the law and crime regime that currently is dominating television. Andy Griffith does a terrific job playing the title, character Matlock, and especially shines in his interrogations and court room scenes, his action scenes are not as fantastic though, which could be expected. The thing with Matlock though, is that it's episode is either fantastic or so-so. This does not lie on Matlock, but instead lies on his supporting cast and guest stars. If the show ever comes on, I'll be sure to check it out, but I wouldn't be sure if I'd watch the entire program.
  • One of the classic "old person" shows that comedians love to make fun of.

    One of the classic "old person" shows that comedians love to make fun of. Andy Griffith stared as Benjamin Leighton "Ben" Matlock. He is a old school country lawyer trying to help the most needy and innocent people out of trouble. Linda Purl played his daughter Charlene Matlock. I'm not sure why she did not get married as she was quite beautiful. Nancy Stafford played Michelle Thomas. Other stars included Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Conrad McMasters, Julie Sommars as A.D.A. Julie March and Kene Holliday
    as Tyler Hudson. Other people came and went over the years. This was a show similar to Muder, Shw Wrote and had that CBS old person show feel.
  • i would love matlock to be on dvd so that I can get all the seasons. I then can watch it whenever I want to.

    Awesome show. I watch it every chance I get. I need it to be on dvd. If anyone knows where I can get Matlock on dvd let me know. So I can watch it whenever I want to. I simply loved the show. I love Andy Griffith. I love crime mystery also.
  • I love all of the Matlock episodes-I record them on my DVR everyday and just relax and watch them. I really do not have a favorite episode, I have to say all of them are great and I wished they would come back and do more! GREAT Show!

    All the Matlock episodes are great! I can't do a review on just one episode, they all have a uniqueness that just makes all of them so great to watch over and over. I also like the 2 hour movies that he did as well. If only we could get him to do more. I like Don Knotts in his episodes.
  • Matlock was an old school southern lawyer who always took every case he tried with a serious attitude and could always win in the manner he tried. He was the best person you would know in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Ben Matlock the lawyer that s

    Matlock was the unbeatable 'defense attorney' who could practicaly win every case he took on. In his white-grey cotton linnen suit, time and time again, he persuaded judge and jury in his favour. Although he was in fact a very exclusive private lawyer for the 'rich and famous' of Atlanta (Georgia), he could often be persuaded to take on a case for the ordinary man. Together with his love for the occassional 'hotdog on the stand' he was clearly an icon of American culture. Matlock was in fact a mixture of a courtroom series and a detective series, because the pleadings in the court were always preceded by the necessary detective work by Matlock's 'partners in practice', Tyler Hudson, afterwards Conrad McMasters, Matlock's daughters Leanne and Charlene, Michelle Thomas, Jerri Stone and Cliff Lewis. Together with the necessary humour on the side, this was clearly the success formula for the series.
  • The wife's favorite

    ' Matlock ' was another one of the shows I was really looking forward to when it first premiered.
    The cast was made up of talented individuals who kept the show going even through it's many changes. My downside to the show was the re-using of cast members and unexplained changes.
    I did not mind the fact that Ben Matlock had 2 daughters but it seems I recall int eh first season that I made mention on several occasions that only had one daughter.
    Unlike many shows, Matlock did not lose it's edge after changing networks. The show remain true to it's form and I believe could ran several more years had ABC not canceled it .
  • I want to buy the whole series how can I do this..

    I have been watching matlock it seems like forever.... I tape every rerun I can and if I can\'t I have someone else do it for me..... I love watching this show. My parents love this show.... I dont\' understand why i cannot find a place to buy every episode there should be someplace, someway.. this is the best tv show out there. I will stay up till 1:00am every morning to watch it even thought I have to get up for work I hate missing them. But I\'m getting tired I need my sleep.. LOL so please help me find this collection..
  • this show is about a crime ivestigator who has a really hard and sometimes dangerous job. But is always very good and succesful at it.

    When i watched this show for the very first time in the first few minutes i thought it was great, with seeing the murder and all of that. But then the whole rests off it is relativly boring compared to it. However they are about half a dozen episodes where it goes on for about two hours instead of one and has about three to five killings in it. I know this might sound wierd to you like i like to see people die or something but i find those shows much more fun to watch because you never no watch going to happen next. But on the other ones sometimes i start to loss intrest because i know for sure that they isnt going to be anouther really interesting thing in the remaining time left. There are one or two exceptions to this that i saw though. They are not making any more new shows so i would recommend that you watch five or so, so that you get a taste of it before they never show it again.
  • What can be said about Matlock? One word sums it up. Classic.

    This long airing show has long been a favorite of mine, despite the fact that I’d never seen an episode while it was still running. I discovered this show long after it came to an end and long after newer, modern courtroom dramas came onto the scene. Nevertheless, Matlock never failed to grab me and pull me and with every single episode I watch. The stories never got boring, even over the show’s long life span. The characters were likeable, and Ben Matlock’s charm never seemed to wear out on you. My personal favorite one of his private investigators was Conrad, however they all possessed a very similar quality, which may be interpreted as somewhat of a stereotype, but no-one seemed to notice so it doesn’t really matter.

    All in all, this was a quality show that still stands up strong even in today’s tougher standards. This fact is shown perfectly by the fact that re-runs of the show can be seen on many networks, bringing out the fact that it has and will always have the classic appeal that can be appreciated by almost anyone.
  • Along with Perry Mason, perhaps the most influential law based show in the history of television. Matlock mixed courtroom and detective action to produce an interesting show that all ages can enjoy (esp. the elderly in my great aunt's retirement home).

    Along with Perry Mason, perhaps the most influential law and court based show in the history of television. Matlock mixed courtroom action with detective work and produced an interesting show that all ages can enjoy(esp. the elderly generation in my great aunt's retirement home). Matlock had solid but not fantastic acting in it, except for Andy Griffith who is great. Yet, that is not what makes this show so appealing. This show's greatest asset that its stories are always interesting and quite twisty. You can never be sure of who the killer is until the last few minutes of each episode. Also, another strong point of the show is that it portrays the elderly accurately, yet in a positive light. Just look at Ben Matlock, he is sometimes a grump as many elderly people can be, but he also has dry humor about him that only years of life experience can produce. Then at the same time, he is active and shows he can still contribute at an older age, solvin mysteries. That fact may be why this show is so loved by the elderly population. This show never has extremely racy subjects so even kids can watch this show, thus expanding its demographics. All in all, this show has done very well for itself. While it may not be the greatest show, it is by far one of the most long airing (it's no longer running, but it is airing on many channels across the nation) court room drams out there. Its influence can be seen in everything from Law and Order to even investigative shows such as CSI. For that, we must tip our caps.

    My final review: Not the greatest of court room dramas, but definately a solid, entertaining one and one of the most influential.
  • Wonderful court room show.

    I used to love watching this. The whole family sat down for this. Okay, it was a bit predictable but Matlock, the lawyer with all his suits in the same colour, was so charming. It may seem a bit dated now, but I still enjoy watching it regularly on a rainy Sunday.
  • Wonderful court room show.

    I used to love watching this. The whole family sat down for this. Okay, it was a bit predictable but Matlock, the lawyer with all his suits in the same colour, was so charming. It may seem a bit dated now, but I still enjoy watching it regularly on a rainy Sunday.