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  • Grampa Simpson's favorite.

    Though "Perry Mason" is the better show, I'll always have a soft spot for old "Matlock." Played by Andy Griffith, this folksy sly fox of a lawyer was a great TV character and provided hours of solid (but predictable) courtroom mysteries.

    Like most older shows (including "Mason"), "Matlock" is formulaic. A murder is committed, the accused turns to Matlock and after 45 minutes or so of sleuthing, Matlock elicits a witness stand confession from the real guilty party. This ain't "Law & Order," nor is it supposed to be. It's an armchair detective series, anchored by the performance of Andy Griffith. While there were ups and downs with his supporting cast, Griffith was always terrific. Yeah, he's a coot and a codger at times, but he's supposed to be. Much like Columbo, he's a brilliant mind masked in rumpled clothes and a charming, addled demeanor. It's great to see him in action in court, and those final scenes, no matter how cliche and hackneyed they may have been, were always engaging.

    "Matlock" is no classic and it has its flaws, but for a solid detective show and to see some great acting from Griffith, you can't go wrong.