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  • this show is about a crime ivestigator who has a really hard and sometimes dangerous job. But is always very good and succesful at it.

    When i watched this show for the very first time in the first few minutes i thought it was great, with seeing the murder and all of that. But then the whole rests off it is relativly boring compared to it. However they are about half a dozen episodes where it goes on for about two hours instead of one and has about three to five killings in it. I know this might sound wierd to you like i like to see people die or something but i find those shows much more fun to watch because you never no watch going to happen next. But on the other ones sometimes i start to loss intrest because i know for sure that they isnt going to be anouther really interesting thing in the remaining time left. There are one or two exceptions to this that i saw though. They are not making any more new shows so i would recommend that you watch five or so, so that you get a taste of it before they never show it again.