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  • Matlock was an old school southern lawyer who always took every case he tried with a serious attitude and could always win in the manner he tried. He was the best person you would know in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Ben Matlock the lawyer that s

    Matlock was the unbeatable 'defense attorney' who could practicaly win every case he took on. In his white-grey cotton linnen suit, time and time again, he persuaded judge and jury in his favour. Although he was in fact a very exclusive private lawyer for the 'rich and famous' of Atlanta (Georgia), he could often be persuaded to take on a case for the ordinary man. Together with his love for the occassional 'hotdog on the stand' he was clearly an icon of American culture. Matlock was in fact a mixture of a courtroom series and a detective series, because the pleadings in the court were always preceded by the necessary detective work by Matlock's 'partners in practice', Tyler Hudson, afterwards Conrad McMasters, Matlock's daughters Leanne and Charlene, Michelle Thomas, Jerri Stone and Cliff Lewis. Together with the necessary humour on the side, this was clearly the success formula for the series.