Matlock - Season 2

ABC (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • The Heiress
    The Heiress
    Episode 23
    As a young child, Allison Tate had discovered the bodies of her parents, apparently killed by an intruder. Shortly after her twenty-first birthday, she found the body of Marsha Gold, killed in a similar matter. When this thrust her back into the Linder Sanitarium in which she'd spent most of her life since her parents murdered, Bob Ranier (her father's former business partner, like an uncle to her) hires Matlock to prove that Allison is innocent of her murder. Matlock has an unlikely ally in Warren Kreitzer, an insurance attorney who is supposed to be on vacation, but will do whatever he can to protect Allison.moreless
  • The Fisherman
    The Fisherman
    Episode 22
    Matlock defends a Vietnamese fisherman and his son when a racist fisherman is killed, and the Vietnamese fisherman is charged with his murder because the two had words. It isn't just the fisherman that Matlock ends up defending, as he also becomes a target of the racist townspeople.
  • The Magician
    The Magician
    Episode 21
    After a night at the magic show with Julie, Matlock agrees to defend magician Daniel Fontaine when he's charged with the murder of his assistant / lover Sandy Farrell, a woman who was as devious as she was beautiful.
  • The Genius
    The Genius
    Episode 20
    When Matlock's nephew Irwin is charged with murder, Matlock investigates at a high-tech computer firm to clear his name.
  • The Lovelorn
    The Lovelorn
    Episode 19
    Matlock agrees to defend a man who has been accused of murdering the relationship columnist whose response ended his relationship.
  • The Hucksters
    The Hucksters
    Episode 18
    Matlock needs to prove that one of three people murdered a scheming huckster.
  • The Investigation (Part 2)

    Craig continues to turn away from his father as Matlock keeps trying to investigate the case. When the Gentry family is almost caught in the middle of a mob war with the Hernandez family, Matlock realises that someone on the inside is pulling the strings.

  • The Investigation (Part 1)

    Sam Gerard is a well-known mobster who is about to be exposed. His estranged son, Craig Gentry, is arrested for murder, but refuses to go to Sam for help, and instead, goes to Matlock.

  • The Umpire
    The Umpire
    Episode 15
    When a baseball umpire is murdered, Matlock has a whole team full of suspects. It seems like everyone had a reason to...kill the ump.
  • The Gigolo
    The Gigolo
    Episode 14
    Matlock agrees to defend dance instructor Scott Lazar after he is charged with the murder of his married lover. It would be a lot easier to prove Scott's innocence if there wasn't another woman in the wings also claiming to be his lover.
  • The Reunion
    The Reunion
    Episode 13
    Matlock heads to an old law school reunion where he meets up with his former classmates. After the reunion, one is murdered, and another stands accused of the crime, and Matlock faces the unpleasant task of having to prove that one of his former classmates murdered another.
  • The Body
    The Body
    Episode 12

    Matlock agrees to defend Donna Stewart when she's accused of murdering Christie Huntley, an aerobics instructor at Pinewood Spa who slept with her husband. Matlock soon realises that Christie's death had nothing to do with who she slept with and everything to do with why she slept with them.

  • The Gambler
    The Gambler
    Episode 11
    Matlock goes to Las Vegas to defend his friend, Jim Manning, after Jim is accused of murdering his girlfriend Laura, who worked for the mob laundering money.
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 10

    When Brian Emerson is arrested and charged with his wife's murder, Matlock takes the case waiving his usual fee. His efforts to get the father out on bail fail when he lands a judge who has lost his Christmas spirit. Ben then takes the young girl in with him.

  • The Country Boy
    The Country Boy
    Episode 9
    Jimmy le Grand is Matlock's favorite country singer of all time. When he's accused of a hit-and-run, Matlock leaps at the chance to defend him and to house the country legend in his own home, and soon realises that is hero has turned into an alcoholic and a generally unenjoyable person.moreless
  • The Best Friend
    The Best Friend
    Episode 8

    Matlock agrees to defend Vanessa Douglas when she's accused of murdering Stephen Cassidy, and author who destroyed a political families ambitions with a tell-all book. When Matlock realizes his client is indeed guilty of the murder she is charged of committing, he sets up a plan to implicate her best friend, Sarah with the crime, knowing that Vanessa will not let her friend take the blame for something she did.

  • The Network
    The Network
    Episode 7
    Network programming chief Paul J. Bartel is murdered, leaving Hollywood baffled as to the identity of the killer. Matlock comes to town to represent the television producer accused of killing him, and finds more than his fair share of suspects. It seems everyone had a motive to kill Paul J. Bartel!moreless
  • The Power Brokers (Part 2)

    After Agent Davies offers Melinda an exclusive, she changes her plea to guilty. Matlock tries to talk to her, especially after it's revealed that the person Melinda was talking to was an imposter.

  • The Power Brokers (Part 1)

    Matlock reluctantly takes the case when Melinda Stuart's source is murdered. The biggest problem is that she's more interested in listening to what FBI Agent Paul Davies has to say than she is in listening to him.

  • The Husband
    The Husband
    Episode 4

    When Matlock agrees to defend Cassie's friend Judy, he is shocked to learn that Judy's husband had another wife. As the case continues, Matlock learns that there was also a third Mrs. Benson, and that Kevin Benson managed to successfully maintain three separate wives in three separate households.

  • The Annihilator
    The Annihilator
    Episode 3
    Matlock reluctantly agrees to represent a famous wrestler when he's accused of killing a long-time rival, but only when Cassie begs him to. The key witness in the case is a young girl who was a die-hard fan of the dead wrestler, but whose story might not be completely accurate.
  • Blind Justice
    Blind Justice
    Episode 2
    Michelle agrees to defend college chum Andrea Morrow after she is accused of murdering her abusive lover, Clay Graham. Matlock soon becomes convinced that the murderer was Clay's blind 'friend', Arthur Hampton, but will have a devil of a time proving how a blind man managed to carry off a near-perfect murder.moreless
  • The Billionaire
    The Billionaire
    Episode 1

    Matlock flies all the way the England to represent Eric Gordon, a man accused of murdering his wealthy businessman father. His sister Laura is convinced of his innocence, but brother Mitch isn't so sure.