Season 1 Episode 2

The Judge

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

A couple are making love and across the street, a man is watching them. When the guy goes into the shower the man puts on a raincoat and hat, he goes there, grabs a knife from the kitchen and stabs her. When the guy comes out he finds her and picks up the knife, the man goes into the hallway and calls the security and alerts him about something happening in the girl's apartment. The security guard arrives and finds the guy holding the knife and standing over the girl's body.

Charlene asks Ben if they could do some pro bono, and the pro bono, she has in mind is Kevin Meredith, the guy who was arrested. At the arraignment, the judge, Carter Addison, is the killer. After the prosecution and Ben make their opening arguments, Addison, who knows Ben, asks him to come into his chambers. Addison then asks Ben if he would like to pass the case to the son of an old friend who just graduated from law school, Ben declines. Ben does a little investigating and learns that the victim was probably a kept woman.

Ben and Tyler finds some things in the apartment that lead Ben to suspect that Addison is the man. During the trial Addison is doing what he can to hinder Ben's defense. Ben then calls the girl's mother to testify but before she does, she goes to Addison and asks for hush money. After her testimony which doesn't help Ben much, he decides to call Addison. Ben, Addison and the prosecutor argue over how improper Addison's having to testify will be, Addison then agrees to let another judge preside over his testifying, Ben agrees.

Just as they are about to begin Addison sees that the girl's mother has given to Ben the money that Addison gave her, Ben then calls for a recess. Addison then proceeds to the apartment he was watching them from and proceeds to take the clothes he was wearing and burns them. At his testimony, Ben asks him if an apartment, whose ownership is being disputed, is sealed but the judge who is presiding over the case can enter it. And it turns out that Addison is presiding over such a case and the apartment is right in front of the girl's apartment.

Ben then asks him about the money he gave the girl's mother to perjure herself. He of course denies it. Ben then brings out Addison's clothes; it seems that Tyler found the apartment that Addison was using and found the clothes and replaced them, which is what Addison burned. The case against Kevin Meredith is dismissed

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