Season 3 Episode 8

The Mayor (Part 1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1989 on ABC

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  • "The Mayor" (Part 1) is a perfect example of the high quality and depth and dimension of this series and has everything you could possibly want in a show of this calibre -a well written script, good acting and an intriguing plot

    The Mayor of Chicago, a rising political star, is assassinated at a press conference where he is announcing his intention to run for the US Senate. Just prior to the event, a journalist receives a warning about the assassination and his boss phones in the tip off to police. The journalist bursts into the press conference hoping to stop the assassination but is too late.

    When confronted by police, the journalist reluctantly concedes that he has an idea who the potential suspect may be -a left wing radical who rails against the political establishment and ruling classes. All the evidence seems to point to the guilt of the man in question but the journalist is haunted by his deep conviction that the left wing radical is innocent and also by his eyewitness observation of a fiery meeting between the Mayor and some of his political colleagues. So he manages to trick Matlock into coming into Chicago and taking on the case. And so the plot unfolds from there

    This story has all the usual elements contained in a suspense story and it is a pleasure to watch how it all unfolds. You've got a grieving wife who seemingly knows more than she is letting on, various suspects with hidden agendas who do their best to obstruct Matlock and his team as they unlock the clues and a shadowy web of intrigue around the dealings of the political establishment and its key players. Some of it may be slightly predictable but the episode is so well-written that it is still fascinating enough to keep the viewer engaged

    The acting from Matlock and his cast down to the supporting cast is very professional and enhances an already great script. They really have a talent in making their characters come to life that is sadly all too lacking from most shows today. The script and dialogue flows nicely and even the filming and scenery used in this episode is of first class.

    A great episode of a great show