Season 7 Episode 10

The Revenge

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 1993 on ABC



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    • (As she holds a gun on him, with Conrad sneaking up behind her)
      Sissy: What are you doing?
      Matlock: I'm praying. If I'm gonna go see Jesus, I want him to know I'm coming.

  • Notes

    • The following individuals appeared in this episode via archived footage: John D'Aquino as Dwayne Meeks, George DiCenzo as George Wilton, Leslie Easterbrook as Joanna Wilton, Michael Harris as Harry Samuels, Shari Headley as Carla Royce, Mary-Margaret Humes as Brigette Laird, Peter Marc Jacobson as Harry Slade, Marilyn Jones as Anne Johnson, Michael McGrady as Walt Thomas, Jordan Christopher Michael as Jimmy Johnson, Rosa Nevin as Bobbie Wilton, Tricia O'Neil as Jackie Whitman, Nancy Stafford as Michelle Thomas, Lisa Waltz as Frances 'Frannie' Morrissey, Michael Durrell as ADA Lloyd Burgess,  Everett Greenbaum as Judge Lawrence Katz, Julie Sommars as ADA Julie March, Jason Wingreen as Judge Arthur Beaumont, Amy Yasbeck as Redheaded Model.

    • Bonnie Burroughs reprised her role as Sissy Lockwood A.K.A. Lorraine Ortega, an old friend of Conrad's who was released from prison after killing Dwayne Meeks ("Mr. Awesome"), is now working at the dry cleaners.

    • This is a rare appearance for Clarence Gilyard Jr. in the role of Conrad McMasters. After the series moved from NBC to ABC, Gilyard remained in the opening credits, but was very seldom seen and did not appear in most episodes.

    • This episode features clips from 'The Personal Trainer', 'Mr. Awesome', and 'The Cover Girl'.

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