Season 1 Episode 13

The Yellow Chamber

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 1993 on USA

Episode Recap

Steven Matrix, a legendary hitman, sees a woman in a bar...who shoots and kills him. He wakes up on the shores of a flaming ocean where a man singles him out and sends him back. The man visits him later in the hospital and tells Matrix he must prove himself worthy of life.

Matrix decides to retire and expand his silent partnership in a gym with Liz Teel and during a date walks through a door...and finds himself in the City In-Between where a roller-skating teenage girl acts as his first guide for his current assignment to keep people from ending up where he is. Matrix has to help mobster Chris Lucano's son Tony, who wants to become a hitman. He gets his former helper and family man Billy Hicks to help him.

To perform his assignment, Matrix takes on a job for a mobster named Mazetti who wants Chris Lucano and his family dead. He offers the father deal to let him live if he helps him in his assignment. Matrix takes on Tony as an apprentice and forces him to plan a hit on his high school principal. Tony has second thoughts but Matrix forces him to go through...and sets it up so he "kills" his parents. It turns out Matrix goes through with it to make it look like the Lucanos are really dead to satisfy Mazetti and teach Tony a lesson at the same time.
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