Season 6 Episode 1

Maude's Guilt Trip

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1977 on CBS

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  • my favorite episode.

    a perfect example of the greatness of the show. displays maude as the good-hearted hypocrite that she is. she is every bit as horrible a person as archie bunker, but she has a conscience that makes her say one thing even as she is thinking another. archie gets to enjoy his rotten-ness. maude suffers for hers... until it makes a difference, then she can turn on a dime. **spoilers** in this episode she practically prays her "aunt" is dead so she can spend her insurance money on a trip to rome. with no genuine guilt to speak of. and when said aunt turns out to be alive, she sobs in sadness. but only because she can't spend the insurance money. love it!
  • Aunt Tinkie boards a plane from Schenectady to NYC and when it's announced that the plane has crashed, Maude's guilty conscience (and sudden cash influx) drives her in every direction imaginable.

    I love this episode and am surprised it hasn't received higher ratings from other reviewers. The part where Maude is told that a sole survivor has been spotted among the wreckage of the airplane is freaking hilarious. Also, her spot on reaction to Carol's pronouncement that she, too, hates Tinky is a brilliant example of comedic timing. Everyone shines in this episode and the conclusion delivers the goods. Even the name of the airline - Scooby Doo - is a hoot. Bea Arthur is truly one of the geniuses of comedy. Really funny stuff here, folks.