Maude - Season 3

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Maude Meets the Duke
    As part of a publicity tour for a new movie, John Wayne makes a stop in Tuckahoe, to visit Arthur, his number one fan. However, when the ceiling caves in at the Harmons, Arthur talks Maude into hosting the party. Maude decides to have a verbal shootout with the Duke about woman's lib but finds herself tongue tied when she actually meets him.moreless
  • The Kiss
    The Kiss
    Episode 2
    Maude becomes concerned when Walter begins smoking a pipe and wearing high heeled shoes. She suggests that perhaps he's going through male menopause. However, what really concerns both her and Arthur is when they catch Vivian and Walter sharing a kiss. This obviously leads to yet more marital strife between the Findlays and the Harmons.moreless
  • Walter's Heart Attack
    Walter is late for a special dinner with Maude because he is trying to stop his book keeper from committing suicide. However, while he is there, Walter has a heart attack and he ends up having much more than his health to worry about, when Maude discovers where he was.
  • The New Housekeeper
    With Florida gone, Maude has finally decided to hire a new housekeeper. She is excited with the fact that the new one, Mrs. Naugatuck is British but quickly the two of them clash over gender roles, as Mrs. Naugatuck insists on calling Walter the master of the house and begins to pamper his every need.moreless
  • Speed Trap
    Speed Trap
    Episode 5
    Walter and Arthur go away for the weekend on a camping trip. Maude is upset with Walter's plans but she soon forgets it, when Vivian and her go on a non-stop eating binge. However, Walter and Arthur's trip goes awry as they become victims of a speed trap and land in jail.moreless
  • Lovers in Common
    Lovers in Common
    Episode 6
    Maude and Vivian go out for drinks one evening, while Arthur and Walter go away for a golfing weekend. The two girls soon compare notes and discover that an old flame who once dated both of them has sent them each a post card saying he'll be in town. The two girls quickly get drunk while debating over who he finds more attractive.moreless
  • Walter's Dream
    Walter's Dream
    Episode 7
    Walter and Arthur return from an outing in Canada with a batch of fresh fish and a lack of interest in their eager wives. However, Walter has one very important interest, to move the family to the Canadian wilderness. Maude is dead set against the notion, but her reverse psychology fails and Walter ends up trying to sell his business.moreless
  • A Night to Remember
    Maude is having a restless night, she can't sleep because she has something very important on her mind and wants to tell Walter about it, but he's too busy worrying about the blizzard outside and his end of the summer sale scheduled for the next day. So she decides to just drop the bomb, her doctor has told her that she should have a hysterectomy.moreless
  • Last Tango in Tuckahoe
    After hearing a man's voice in the night, Maude accuses Carol of having a man spend the night. However, she soon discovers, Mrs. Naugatuck is the culprit when Walter and her discover a naked man hiding in Mrs. Naugatuck's closet. Soon Mrs. Naugatuck begins demanding privacy in what is her home too.moreless
  • Vivian's Party
    Vivian's Party
    Episode 10
    Vivian is throwing a party and she is a nervous wreck, luckily she has Maude to help her. Things get worse when her maid refuses to serve during the event so, Maude extends a hand and gets Mrs. Naugatuck to help out. However, after all that, Maude is in for a shock, Walter and her are not invited to the party.moreless
  • Maude the Boss
    Maude the Boss
    Episode 11
    Maude gets a promotion as office manager at the real estate agency and has cold feet about taking the position, since she will have three men working under her. The feeling is entirely mutual at least for one of the men who quickly makes the transition as uncomfortable as possible for everyone.moreless
  • Maude's New Friend
    Maude's New Friend
    Episode 12
    Maude has been spending a lot of time with a best-selling author who just happens to be a homosexual. However, Walter is not so fond of the man but Maude doesn't believe Walter when he says it's not because he is gay but because he's always putting him down. Later, it becomes clear that Maude herself has biases of her own when it comes to homosexuals.moreless
  • Walter's Ex
    Walter's Ex
    Episode 13
    The burden of alimony might finally be off Walter's back when news arrives that Marta, his ex-wife is planning on remarrying. Meanwhile, Maude's Uncle Henry drops in for a visit with surprising news, he too is planning on remarrying. Maude and Walter put two and two together and realize Uncle Henry and Marta are the bride and groom and Maude is worried that Marta is out to take Henry for everything he has.moreless
  • Nostalgia Party
    Nostalgia Party
    Episode 14
    New Year's Eve has Maude planning the best New Year's Eve party ever. However, her first idea falls flat when she suggests a scavenger hunt. However, she soon strikes a home run with a nostalgia party, where everyone dresses up in attire that represents the best year of their life.
  • All Psyched Out
    All Psyched Out
    Episode 15
    A famed psychic reads Maude's fortune and alerts her to some surprising events that will occur in the near future, one of them being that she will marry for a fifth time. Maude begins to worry about this possibility when the psychic's other predictions start coming true. Ultimately, Maude decides the best thing to do is to remarry Walter; however, he throws a fit when she suggests a double ring ceremony.moreless
  • The Telethon
    The Telethon
    Episode 16
    Maude and the gang come together to perform in a telethon that Maude has organized. However, when she fails to come up with a celebrity to appear in the telethon she is left organizing a telethon without a cause, when the charity for which Maude has put in a lot of work withdraws at the last moment. As the minutes wind down, she must come up with a cause or face being taken off the air.moreless
  • And Then There Were None
    Carol returns home one morning in an awfully good mood and Maude questions her about her good mood. Carol announces that she engaged and Maude is thrilled for her, that is until she discovers that Carol's "intended" is Harold Loftus, a man who is currently married but "plans" on getting a divorce. Needless to say, Maude hits the roof and in the process both, Mrs. Naugatuck quits and moves out and Carol also decides to move out as well.moreless
  • The Emergence of Vivian
    Maude recruits Vivian into women's liberation and Arthur is none too pleased when he discovers, Vivian has begun to neglect her "household duties." When she tries to stand up for herself, Arthur refuses to listen and storms out, putting their marriage in a delicate position.
  • Mrs. Naugatuck in Love
    Mrs. Naugatuck has been acting quite strange even for her and everyone takes notice. It isn't long for everyone to realize that she is in love and accepts a wedding proposal. Maude, Vivian and Carol throw her a bridal shower, which is where she gets heartbreaking news, the wedding is off, which sets her into a depression.moreless
  • Walter's Pride
    Walter's Pride
    Episode 20
    Walter's business is in big trouble, and if he doesn't get $12,000 by next week he will have to file bankruptcy. Maude suggests that she mortgage the house to get the funds, but a stubborn Walter refuses to entertain the notion. However, she decides to go ahead and do it on the sly anyways and tries to get Arthur to say the money came from him.moreless
  • Walter Gets Religion
    Walter has suddenly become passionate about religion and drags Maude to church services. However, Maude is less than thrilled with attending, even falling asleep during the sermons. Later, Maude discovers that Walter in fact may have an ulterior motive to his sudden enlightenment; he will get to sell the church new appliances.moreless
  • The Cabin
    The Cabin
    Episode 22
    When Vivian and Arthur get into a sudden romantic mood which leads to Arthur inviting Vivian away on a romantic weekend to a cabin, Maude becomes unsure of her marriage with Walter. Trying to put the spark back in her marriage, Maude plans a romantic weekend but the situation turns out to be less than ideal.moreless
  • Maude's Mother
    Maude's Mother
    Episode 23
    Maude is a bundle of nerves with her mother's upcoming visit to meet Walter for the first time. All of Maude's insecurities come out when she finally arrives, just as Walter's Findlay's Appliances commercials hit the air and they don't exactly give an air of respectability to Walter's character.